About My Services

Name is Abner, Specialized in Tarot Readings. Allow me to Read and Help with your situation. With the Help of Tarot or Psychic Reading one can able to know the answers and i can reveals the truthful and honest choices you need to make to change. My goal is to help you answer those questions ,find understanding and reduce or eliminate your confusion.as you make your journey along your way. I provide an enlightening environment where you are able to take a fresh look at your life, the people in it, your relationships, and get in touch with your spiritual center. I strive to help all of my clients gain clarity on all aspects of their life, achieve a higher sense of self, and reconnect with their faith and/or soulmate. I am a non-judgmental reader. I use my gifts to help those who are in need of answers. For every person I have helped I believe my insight ability has become stronger and much more powerful! Having a reading done with me will leave you with a clear understanding of your current situation, peace of mind, and also information on what’s to come. I have reconnected lovers from around the world. As far as spiritual teachings, I am a natural born spiritual teacher and I have taught many psychics how to tap into their abilities and use their gifts for the better of mankind & while teaching, I learn as well. I have a unique talent of connecting in the Spiritual World which will give the complete solution to your issues which you are going in your life. My objective is to truly help souls heal and find genuine love whether it is loving themselves or learning to love others. I can connect with your energy and guide you through each situation to achieve the very best possible result. I find my specialty in matters of Career, but I can also help in matter of Heart, Finance, Dreams, Health, Failing Businesses, Soul mate Connections, Dating Issues, Marital Life Problems, Cheating and affairs, Break-ups and divorce, Parenting and family. This is a promise, I made to the universe and I attend to serve my purpose and beyond.

Experience & Qualifications

Hello...!! Abner here, With a 14+ years of Experience in Psychic Industry, and a 4th generation psychic reader. I was born with the gift of clairvoyance and am naturally intuitive. I have been professionally reading for over 10 years at various psychic shops through psychic phone networks.


My ratings are good enough to give a try to seek clarity and guidance in your first 3-5 mins of the reading. Here are some of my best reviews so far... ReddboneJ (mar 16 2022) Abner Is one outstanding psychic!! I really appreciate him a lot in every session I have with him. He guides me in the right path!! And every statement he tells me always been point on!! Abner is the best it’s no words I can’t Express because he is that real all around!! Oh yeah also he’s a fast Typer and click in tone fast!!! ?? User_5719382 (Mar 12 2022) It's almost a year that I have been chatting with you and I sincerely appreciate you!!! Always most helpful :) God continue to bless you in all you do ~ User_7w7wpx (Mar 2 2022) Wow is all I can say......Abner is 100% on point for what was predicted........I would recommend anyone to her that need help in your relationship!!!! User_4255224 (feb 9 2022) Abner has turned into a friend. He has helped me during my healing process and his honest insights have given my heart much peace. User_6565135 (Jan 25 2022) Very kind and insightful. He has the patience of a saint. I don’t know what I would do without him. Thank you so much Abner!