Advisor Sunshine

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Tarot Reading



Future is not return in the stone; allow me to guide you to take the right decision on a good or bad time of your life in any matter through tarot card. No sugar coat and fast typist. Other Specialties  
About My Services

My Tarot reading helps me to see in depth in to your life. View the power full prospect that in store for you, my tarot insight gives me the permission to assist you through difficult time which you’re facing, Bring by bad or good selection, through your cards. You the selection to pick what is righteous or Or wrong to you. I specialized in reconcile, lover, love and relationship. My present is clear to guide you to win your life purpose, Am I calm and patient, honest. Take a long deep breath and release positive energy to move through you before you go-ahead with reading. At least let me know your details like name and date of birth to begin the reading, Am I here to show you the right direction and help you. So please make yourself strong to hear the truth, believe on you and trust on almighty GOD and see how the life will become happy fast typist. .

Experience & Qualifications

As I am having the experience of 17 years in the spiritual guidance since from my childhood, I have been helping and guiding the people to show them the right way in sensitive and crucial situation of the life.


I am gifted psychic and I get my ability from my grandmother.