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You will be surprised how accurate these cards are. With zero judgement, I will give you the truth. You are my priority here and this experience will change your life. I just want you to focus with me. Other Specialties  
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I use three decks for Angel Card Readings: Oracle Deserving, Oracle Abundance Mindset and Oracle Allow Yourself to Receive. Each card has a unique meaning that links directly to you depending on your situation. There is no simple answer when it comes to these cards, the answer is always going to be unique because it's linked directly to you and the connection we establish. There are many hidden things that you don't know about with regards to your life, I will help you understand these messages through the cards you pick. These decks speak volume and I like to call them "The Truth Seekers" because they give nothing but the truth, even if it's bad news. When you pick the card, I want you to have a clear yet open mindset to what the cards have to say. There will be times when you will not like what I read for you, but trust me, you will come to know that this is exactly what you needed to hear. The cards are not here to make you happy or make you sad, they are here to tell you the truth I will also help you on deciding what the next step will be after reading the cards. It doesn't stop at the reading, there is a reason why you picked this card in specific and we will follow the path that the card will lead us to.

Experience & Qualifications

I still remember the first person I ever read for, it was using the Oracle Abundance Mindset deck, and she did not like what the card said at all. I was honest with her and told her about some changes that were about to come to her life which she didn't like, she was upset. Two years later, she reached out to me and thanked me for the card that changed her life, she was living her best life after this change and finally found the road to eternal happiness. I am so proud of her, and so proud of each person I read for, they were able to change their lives based on the information they received during my reading.


More than 20 years of experience in reading Oracle Cards