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Angel Card Reading



Compassionate and Down To Earth Angel Card Readings. I am a Loving Caring hand to hold when you need someone to walk along side of you. Other Specialties  
About My Services

While I tap into my spirit guides, most times I lay out some Angel cards to help guide me with your questions. Sometimes they give me a direct answer, but most of all they are compassionate and deliver the tranquility you desire. Angel's love everybody unconditionally, and want the best for you. They will try to send you a message that is best suited to guide you to a happier healthier place. My reading style is direct, and sometimes I can bring about a smile and comfort even in the most troubling times.

Experience & Qualifications

I have been clairvoyant since I was a child, and have had many profound experiences that used to astonish and amaze my family and their friends. These are some of the questions I am experienced and qualified to answer. What are their intentions? What are they really feeling? Is this relationship worth fighting for? Will they ever make a consistent effort towards this relationship? Will they ever come back? Why do they pursue me and ignore me the next? Will my finances improve?


I have been reading full-time since 1999 for over 20 thousand clients. Worked in a Medical Field with patients and relatives who were grieving and needed a hand to hold in the most scary situations.