About My Services

Oracle Cards are a great way to help clients in there time in need talking with the angels you get a better connection with your inner self giving you peace of mind on your energy and feelings, the ask angel cards are great for yes and no questions.. or any questions at all! I love using tarot cards oracle cards with my ability! Helps me guide a whole another pathway! Giving me much more detail helping me connect my spiritual energy with clients energy.. I specialize in all matters of the heart, even though Love and Relationships are my specialties I also help in, Career, Business, Finance, Family, Friendships, Education or Any Opportunity that is coming in…

Experience & Qualifications

I have studied in the Arts of tarot cards / oracle cards for as long as I can remember... It's been a really amazing journey! I love the way that oracle cards / tarot cards work well with clients and myself! These tools are such a great way to help anybody get more in tune and in touch with their energy! It helps us detect our own awareness! It helps us with being more confidence and giving us more of a peace of mind when we're trying to read a client / friend / personal energy! Meaning if you are in a place of wanting to explore and expand your spirituality! Knowing you have some form of spiritual / psychic gift... These tools can help you! As they helped me and still do to this day!


I am a Licensed and Certified Psychic in Huntington Beach California