About My Services

Hello friends!

I am Diane (Golden Amber) , and I am here to help be of service to you when it comes to Angelic guidance. Angelic readings are a very beautiful experience, and if you are looking to meet your guides and angels, let me be of help! :)

If you purchase a session with me I can help connect you to them, so they can be by your side stronger on your Journey. So you can help hear their messages on your own, and always pick the right decisions and paths for you. I hope to get to know you and I send my blessings if you're reading this.

Love & Peace, Diane (Golden Amber)

Experience & Qualifications

I experience in not only connecting with your guides, and spirit angels but also reading Angel Cards. Angel cards are different from Tarot, I'm sure you know. The messages are more gentle, but they provide some powerful messages straight from your guides. I have been reading Angel and Oracle cards for many years, and use crystals, candles, incense and meditation to help me connect.


Expert in Psychic and Tarot readings.