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Angel Card Reading



I am blessed with naturally acquired psychic qualities. With the help of flashes and cards, I can dwell and connect with your energies and predict your future. If you are looking for clear and direct answers, I will be surely your one stop solution. Other Specialties  
About My Services

I am a true psychic from birth and living experience with diverse cultural traditions, holistic health and medicine ways. I offer Rune and Tarot readings along with intuitive and psychic reads I work with Runes, Tarot, and archetypal dream work. As a wisdom keeper, with a foundation in traditional and multicultural knowledge and spiritual experience, I hold a very deep understanding of what lies beneath the surface. Like an owl. I am able to see the places where we can grow into a fuller expression of our inherent beauty and unique gifts. When we work together I am guiding you to your own realization of that blossoming. There is always a new perspective to be gained after a reading with me and I offer many integrated approaches and deeply want to understand how I can help you. Together we work with healing self and love relationships through archetype and new awareness.

Experience & Qualifications

I desire to read for openhearted people who desire a deeper understanding of the situations and relationships. Your perspective and your choices are your responsibility and empower your process. You are willing to listen, consider and receive the guidance coming through. You are open to diverse cultural archetypes stories that may have resonance and can help as guidance relative to your situation. Let me guide you through the communication and process of what they mean. All areas of life covered.


I’m an Natural born spiritualist reader, to see things which are to come, with my God gift.