About My Services

I am a gifted Medium. I can bring through your loved ones in Spirit. I also work with the Angelic realm to assist that your reading be in your highest and best. I am a 4th generation Psychic Medium who gets my ability from both sides of the family.I am a natural transfigure Medium I allow Spirit to come so close that I often take on some of there features.Through the use of channeling and gypsy fortune telling cards we will work togther to solve any problems you are having. My guidence is accurate,loving and patient.I can see past present and future events and help you choose the best course of action. The first part of your reading will be through an Aura Scan. I can tell you what color your Aura is or if you have any blocks in the 7 Chakras and how to release them.The next part of your reading will be past,present and future. I will connect my Spirit guides with yours to assist. I will tell you whom you are working with.The last part of the reading is for loved ones in Spirit. I am a natural medium and a teacher of Mediumship. I bring through all information staight from your Spirit Guides.

Experience & Qualifications

Certifed Angel Messenger. Reiki healer.Amy is a Mediumship and Psychic developement teacher. I am a person that has walked in your shoes- This has made me extremely empathetic and able to relate to people in all situations. I consider myself a studenr; my search for knowledge is vast. I am a natural born healer and angel reader and a medium.