Tarot Master Priestess

Specializing in: 

Angel Card Reading



** NEW on Kasamba ** I will give you clarity about the strong messages your angels and guides want to tell you and bring a bridge of communication and light between you and them. Other Specialties  
About My Services

Before the reading I do a prayer, asking your Angels and guides to connect with me in order to help you. Using Angel’s cards as a tool, I will give you clarity and peace in the matters you are concerned about. Each card and each position of the card has a message and it will be personalized and focused for you with care, love and healing light. I will be the channeller for your guides to advise any aspect of your life. You will feel loved and cared for through the presence of your Angels in the reading. Questions, concerns, and doubts will be answered, and I will leave you with a peace of mind and feeling of empowerment. You will have a brand new perspective of your future.

Experience & Qualifications

Since the moment of our birth, Angels and guides have been always with me as they have been with you. I have been blessed with the gift to channel the spiritual realm since childhood. I have done readings around the world helping people of different backgrounds and bringing love and light from the Angelic messengers to their lives. Although I am highly experienced and have mastered my psychic abilities, I believe it is very important to keep learning in life. I am constantly taking different courses related to spirituality, which helps my soul to keep growing and transcending. Humbleness, integrity, and tolerance are my core principles. I do my readings with love, kindness, and compassion. Every client is special to me, and I am inspired by everyone's unique journey.


Clairvoyant, Empath and Aura Reader Certified Angel Oracle Card Reader Certified Advanced Angelic Practitioner Healer Certified Tarot Reader Akashic Records Reader Reiki Master Practitioner II, II, III, Teacher