About My Services

Tarot cards are designed to offer clear responses to your most important questions, and they can also offer you guidance as well. They can be applied to almost any situation in life -- the possibilities are almost endless! They can also illuminate the connections between your past and present circumstances, and by doing so, offer guidance as to how you might plan your future actions or else alter your current behavior in a way that will help you to influence any potential outcomes in a positive way, hopefully bringing about the most beneficial results for you. There are a number of different spreads (layouts) that can be used to shed light upon any concerns that you may want to address, ranging from relatively simple questions to very complex situations. I always provide the most detailed information that I possibly can, and prefer to perform tarot sessions via e-mail, since the layout and study of the cards, including the connection(s) among them, can sometimes take a good bit of time. By using e-mail, I can also provide you with a lot more information than I might be able to do during a live session.

Experience & Qualifications

I have been working with the tarot for more than five years, in addition to having 15-20 of experience as an intuitive advisor. When working with the tarot, I rely mostly upon the cards to frame the situation and offer possible solutions, but when the cards are not perfectly clear, I can also apply my intuitive abilities to look into the situation in more depth than the cards might normally be able to offer.


I believe that our lives, our destinies, are partly determined by fate, as well as by the personal choices that we make. Therefore, none of us are completely at the mercy of mere chance, and a large part of what we become depends very much on empowering ourselves to make the best of what life brings our way, instead of viewing ourselves as nothing more than helpless victims of random events. As our lives unfold, many of the outcomes that we witness depend on the decisions that we make along the way, especially in the face of adversity.