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I provide professional Lenormand Cartomancy readings (Lenormand card readings) using the Gilded Reverie Lenormand Deck. The Lenormand cards offer a way of peeking into the winding palace of one’s own life and provides answers for you from the past present and future. Other Specialties  
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All Lenormand Cartomancy readings kindly delivered with honesty, integrity, and compassion.

Truth will always be truth, regardless of lack of understanding, disbelief, or ignorance ...
Are you living in Illusion or in Truth? Let me enlighten you today!

The Gilded Reverie Lenormand Deck is a breathtaking 36 card oracle, cartomancy, and numerology deck designed by Ciro Marchetti. This is a Lenormand deck, not actually a tarot deck, as it contains only 36 cards, the standard number of cards found in a traditional Petit Lenormand deck that has held its place in the living rooms and salons of France and Germany for several generations.

As an experienced Lenormand practitioner this is the cartomancy deck that I prefer above all others. This is because the deck tells a better story for unmatched clarity for ME, personally, compared to the Tarot. The Gilded Reverie Lenormand remains true to the iconic 36-card oracle card system made famous in the 19th century by Mlle Lenormand, the fortune-teller of Napoleon and Josephine Bonaparte.

By pulling together simple yet effective universal symbols as if they were pearls on a string, the meanings within the Lenormand cards reveal themselves as if they were a story. Regardless of whether we choose to interpret just two cards (they are normally read in pairs and card combinations) or spread out a full Grand Tableau utilizing the entire deck, we can use Lenormand as a tool for self-development and spiritual exploration but also, this deck is particularly wonderful at dealing with simple, everyday concerns.

That is where the true power of Lenormand lies - in it's frank and even blunt way of tackling our real life issues. Its accuracy and candid way of "speaking" to us makes it an attractive companion - both alongside tarot, and on it’s own.

These readings are designed for for quick answers to life’s pressing problems. So whether you want to know whether he’ll come back, whether you’ll get the job, how today is going to work out, or if you’re simply feeling curious, this reading is just right for you!

During a Lenormand Card Reading I will focus on your energy and your specific question(s) and pull together a linear 3, 5, or 7 card Ellipse, Sage's Eye, Mirror, Celtic Cross, Mandala, or Le' Grand Tableau ("The Big Picture") spread to address what you need to know.

My goal is to enlighten, and empower others through awareness, understanding and education. My mission is to be a celebration of healing for body, mind and spirit. My purpose is putting you in touch with yours.

Experience & Qualifications

Please prepare your question(s) before you call or chat. This allows me to connect with you, your Angels and Guides much more quickly to save YOU time and MONEY! I do not do "General Readings" that present vague questions-it wastes your time and mine.

Professional Relationship Expert
MS, MA, Psy.D, Relationship, Marriage-Family Therapist
Certified Professional Behavior Analyst (CPBA)
Spiritual Intuitive Counseling (clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient)
Usui Reiki Master/Teacher; Level I, II and III
Quantum Touch Healing
Shamanic Journeying
Chakra Balancing
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
Certified Medium and ATP® (Angel Therapy Practitioner)
Certified Traumatologist: Energy Psychology in Disaster Relief
Classical Adlerian Depth Psychotherapy (CADP)

Relationship Specialties: Soulmates & Kindred Spirits, Passionmates, Twin Flames & Twin Rays, Breakups & Letting Go, Newlywed Marriages, Gay, Lesbian, & Transgender Relationships, Long Distance Relationships, Sex and Intimacy, Romance & Dating, Single Life, Separation & Divorce, Cheating & Infidelity


There's no shame in seeking help. We are all souls on an endless journey...

Learning is a Gift, even if pain is your teacher.

I ask that you please be prepared for the truth. Telling you only what I suspect you want to hear (by doomsaying, sugar coating or offering false hope) destroys my ability to work effectively. I am very gentle with my clients, however, my readings are (sometimes painfully) honest. I will also, then, help you focus on the truth of the given circumstances and be your guiding light for positive change.

For the most deeply connected and highest quality psychic reading, 0 distractions is imperative. Please, kindly connect with at least 2-3 minutes of uninterrupted time available in your account. Anything less (such as pausing and adding/reconnecting every 1 minute) destroys my ability to work effectively and wastes your valuable time and money. Thank you!