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SPECIAL LOW PRICE ~New clients welcome~ Does Life have you feeling down? Let me pick you up and start you on the path to happiness. ~FAST, Honest, Caring, Accurate~
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An everyday deck of playing cards or tarot cards and I can help you find the right path in life.Love, relationships, spiritual growth and insight that will help keep your life in a peaceful place come to me with the help of my cards. I always tell the truth and my clients leave me with a sense of peace. Let me help guide you past the confusion and to a place where you can live in love, peace and harmony.

Experience & Qualifications

~Empathic~ ~Tarot Reader~
Let me use my special gifts to help you find your special path in life. True happiness can be gained with the help of knowledge and guidance.

~Favorite Tarot Spreads~
Celtic Cross: A good general spread to see where life is heading.
Past/Present/Future: To find the path of any situation.
Letting go: Weigh the options and find if it's time to let go.
Relationship Pathways: Used when deciding between two partners.
Soul Mate: Will I recognize my soul mate when we meet?
New Love: Find out if your new love interest is right for you.

~I have many other tarot spreads to meet your needs~

If you need medical advice, see your doctor. For legal problems, visit a lawyer. You must be 18 years old or older. No guarantees are given as to the accuracy as you have the power to change your path in life and the future is not written in stone. Nicola offers insight, entertainment and honest tarot advice.


I've worked with some of the major telephone psychic lines, including: Psychic Readers Network, Zodiac Network and TV Guide. Now, Thanks to Kasmaba, I can share my special gifts without the high 900 number price tag.
~fast, accurate, honest answers. Caring Advice. Age old Wisdom~