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Fast-typist Reader. I unveil the past, present & future and give you specific time-frames, places & events or changes occurring by answer all of your questions truthfully using deck of 52 cards. I’m an expert in clearing blockages or hurdles in Love Life & Career. My specialty is in Reuniting Lovers and Sensing the interference of a third-person. I have mastered my skills with astounding precision, compassion and dedication that you will see throughout my reading. I teach people the beneficial steps to take and how they can build / maintain a successful & healthy relationship with their Loved Ones.
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Using 52 Cards from a deck, I provide pin-point readings on where your life is heading to, what decisions/choices you can make for a positive outcome. Also, the Cards helps me to read your poi’s thoughts, true feelings and intentions accurately. I am very clear in my readings and I make sure to answer all the questions my clients ask truthfully so that they can make the right choices for themselves and I am always focused on accurate time-frames so you are not left with false hopes, or waiting for something to happen. My readings are straight-forward, clear and compassionate. My ability to read energies and connect with spirit guides is something that also helps me to find your future love partner / soulmate. Your concerns are taken with highest priorities no matter what it deals with and I connect to my clients on a more deeper emotional level and provide them readings like none other!

Experience & Qualifications

I have an experience of almost a decade in providing Psychic, Tarot and Astrological Readings as well as Spiritual Healing and Meditation Therapy. I know what steps you need to take to get things moving quickly in the right direction. I never give my clients false hopes or keep them waiting for something to happen and they are never left doubting my readings as I cover the past, present and future. For my detailed readings, I use Tarot Cards - Major and Minor Arcana, Birth Charts, Various Mediums, Channeling with Energies and Spirit Guides. I have not only helped people in terms of Finances and Love Matters but also when they were facing personal distress and trauma. I invest significant amount of time in helping and healing my clients, solving their personal love-life issues and keeping in touch with them with new updates or any change that I see. After each session, I make sure that my client leaves with clear answers, peace of mind and utmost satisfaction!


Human Geneticist, Natural-Born Psychic Reader, Certified Tarot Card Reader, and Spiritual Counsellor.