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I am certified in Tarot of Marseilles ! The cards with the combination of Iching Interpretation will give you powerful answers to pressing questions. The secret to guidance with Tarot is to ask Direct & Specific questions. For a detailed reading, Please allow a 5 card spread and a few minutes to ascertain its highest value. Tarot is a mystical tool if you are seeking guidance in your love life, Decision making, Forecasting & Self Progress. Other Specialties  
About My Services

I bring for the first time an impeccable knowledge & expertise in Tarot De Marseilles. This is the most powerful and influential tarot deck which has the magic and illustration to speak directly to yours and your partners mind if you open yourself to its presence. If you are seeking guidance in your love life then tarot is a mystical tool efficiently used for decision making, forecasting, self inquiry. Here's how we will be using this mystical way for enhancing your life situation and seeking guidance; The right deck is the key to a divine guidance. we will then use 5 ways depending on your questions and situation. The core baseline will be used for general life questions. The 3 cards for a relationship/love spread, the mirror or the lesson the person is showing you and how it will progress. The tarot spread for the 7 chakras in order to balance each one for desired changes in your love life. I will listen to your situation and accordingly decide what spread will give us the best results so please give it the time it requires for authentic and efficient reading.

Experience & Qualifications

20 years experience Certified Spiritual Counselor Certified in Taromanc Certified in I-Ching Energy work Certified in Astrology & Telepathy Mystical promotions and predictions provided to thousands of clients in form of readings across the globe. Steps to follow during a reading Connect with open mind Allow your energies to surrender Don’t expect sugar coating Allow at least 5 to 7 minutes of reading to know your future and possible alterations to your cosmic field which can lead to success of both relationship and career. I have reached to a level if attunement and help you with endless possibilities to make things occur. I welcome you for an energy exchange for a life changing session.


Masters of Arts in Psychology