About My Services

For over 25 years I have helped thousands of clients with their life path. I am a clear channel to my guides, angels and archangels and I deliver clear concise messages that you need to hear at the time of the reading. My specialties include love & relationships, career/business, money and family matters. I am best known for my honesty and while I am compassionate with my delivery, I will never lie to appease you in any way. If honesty is not what you seek, I am not the right advisor for you. However, my honesty, has helped me gain established clients throughout the years.

Tips for a better reading experience:

If this is your first time reading with me, during your first 3 minutes I require your first name and date of birth (dob). If you have someone you want to ask about please include their first name and dob as well. Please ask specific questions as it helps me pinpoint where to start the reading. Non general questions please, I do not do them.

I also will ask a few questions to understand your situation. This is a requirement of mine. If you are not comfortable with doing this, please seek another expert to help you. I do not just jump in and starting reading immediately with your questions in this amount of time. It takes time for me to get to know you and connect to your situation. I will explain how I read and how I work during these 3 minutes.

After your 3 minutes of introductory time, I combine spirit messaging and tarot cards to help you get the solutions you need to help you on your life path.The more specific you are with what you want to know, the more info will come from my guides to get you the best solutions in manifesting what you truly desire in your life. Within at least 5 minutes of paid time, I can give you all the information you need about your current question. Anything less than that may not be effective unless you want quick yes/no questions. I always finish my last thought through email/ message if you run out of funds.

No problem is too big for me to solve. All I require you is to be open, honest and upfront with your situation. Keep in mind, I do take my work seriously and I do work quickly and effectively to help you to get to the heart of the matter. Remember, I am on your side and here to support you in anyway I can. Just know when you are getting a reading, I keep it extremely real with you. You may also find that I can be upfront with certain matters. I give the good and bad ( be prepared) because life itself is a challenge and I am here to offer you every angle I can from a different perspective. If you are not ready for honesty, it will be a challenge to have a session with me.

No matter how difficult the situation is, there always something positive to look forward to in your life. It is important to me that I am able to empower you on your journey.

Please no Health or legal Matters. It's against Kasamba's TOS to perform such readings.

*** God is the only person that can make promises. We all know that there is free will and your prediction is a guide line of what is to come as long as you’re doing what is needed. Things can change based on the choices that you or others make and I leave room for that in my readings. I also am not a substitute for any legal or medical matters. Predictions are not guarantees or promises. By getting a reading on Kasamba, you understand that this is for entertainment purposes only.

Experience & Qualifications

Other qualified experiences: Spirit Message Communication Circles, Platform Messaging, Physical Trance Mediumship Readings, Tarot Readings, Angel Oracle Card Readings, Flower readings Psychometry Readings.

Shop owner of Joie Joelle, providing healing energy and spiritual items to clients to help create the magic in their life! While I am knowledgeable in Occult and doing spells, I do not cast spells for my clients. I leave it up to my client to perform their own work while providing all the necessary materials to help them achieve successful results in their lives.



Tested and approved for my spiritual work, I have earned the follow certifications below. To this day, I still perform spirit messages to my church services when needed.

B.A in Liberal Studies at California State University of Fullerton (2004)

Multiple Subject Credential ( Fullerton, 2005)

Spirit Communication Certificate (San Macros, 2007)

Physical Trance Medium certificate ( San Marcos, 2007)

Tarot Certification (San Macros. 2007)

Tools Certification(San Macros,2007)

Healing by Hands Certificate (San Macros, 2007)