About My Services

Hello! I am Moon, a bit about me, I was 14 when I received my first Tarot deck. It was given to me by a shaman who would always talk to my friends and I at the neighborhood park by my home growing up. He told me that I had a special gift and if i meditated on the symbols of the tarot, it would come to me eventually. I thanked him and never saw him again after that experience. I did keep the cards and meditated on them for many years Reflecting back, I now know with certainty, that I have the tarot to thank for helping me to connect with my God given gifts to see and intuit. After giving myself readings for years I started at the age of 16 reading for friends and family on vacations and really everywhere and anywhere. The tarot became my best friend and still is. Today I have several decks. I decided after High School to go to beauty school, during this time clients would freely talk to me about very personal things in there lives, relationships, marriage issues etc. I was constantly giving myself readings at night and was charged and ready for each day and always gave them great insight and found i had a lot of repeat clients and they were giving me great compliments not only on there hair but also on my insight and advice. One patron told me that I was in the wrong profession and that I should be a light worker. I will never forget that moment. That was a definite AHA moment for me. After I graduated and became a licensed cosmetologist, I decided instead of working in a salon I would rather be a spiritual advisor since that was what I was essentially doing all along. I worked at some festivals giving palm readings, tarot readings and would give out my business cards this way. When it comes to anything Metaphysical, Tarot is by far my first choice. It will always be a part of my life. It has helped me on so many levels. It's because of the wonderful positive feedback I get from my clients that keeps that spark alive for me. I get such joy and a sense of purpose from helping people. I'm so happy to be here at to help you today!

Experience & Qualifications

I have both private and online experience. 100's of five star ratings. Blessed with God given gift to read the tarot. I connect with energetic vibration quickly. I can sense things before they happen.