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Tarot Reading



I Provide 24/7 Angel Cards/Oracle Cards/Tarot Cards. My name is Simmi, I am woman in my early 30's, born as a spiritualist and down to earth psychic with a die hard passion for Tarot. I have been performing divination since childhood, I specialize in Love/Romance reading. My passion to tarot drove me to become a full time professional. I am proud to showcase my talent to serve you all ! Other Specialties  
About My Services

Never fear shadows, They simply mean there's a light somewhere nearby !! I am the guiding force to walk you through the thick & thins of life. My area of expertise is Psychic readings through Clairvoyant, Clauraudient and Clairsentient methods. Please do not hesitate to discuss all your Personal & Professional worries that cause stress and trauma in your day to day life. Please reach me to resolve your.. Business, Educational, Marital, Emotional, Love & Relationship, Career, Spiritual imbalances. Let's Strive together to WIN !!

Experience & Qualifications

' 20 YEARS OF INVINCIBLE HISTORY OF SPIRITUAL HEALING THROUGH PSYCHIC & SUPERNATURAL TECHNIQUES." I have worked several scholars of the subject to attain and perfect my knowledge and techniques. I have further perfected the art of psychic counseling to serve the people in need of help and are denied the best they deserve.


Spiritual & Supernatural Inheritance from Ancestors