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Super fast accurate Tarot/Psychic reader who doesn't sugar coat. I give times frames, discounts and follow up emails/messages.
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I have been reading on since 2007 but my journey as a reader started back in the 80's when I could no longer deny the psychic abilities I was born with. I can't say like many here that I come from a long line of psychics because I came from a very religious family that denied they had abilities to see things in fear that it was wrong...evil even and of the devil. When I finally realised that there is something very special in being able to predict an guide my own and others lives and started going to a spiritual meditation and healing group and bought myself a set of tarot and rune stones, my psychic abilities developed very fast because I already had the ability buried deep inside. As I believe we all do In 2010 I started studying numerology another spiritual tool I use and I found it one of the best tools that is very accurate about who we are, way more accurate than old aunt Mary or Grandma Jane giving us their message beyond the grave that is only for proof of life after death as who they were in life they are also in spirit and I certainly know their are past love ones of mine who I would not heed advice from. And that is honesty. Our natural lives, in one life time, are too short to waste on relationships that are not going anywhere, and jobs that literally lead us down paths of stress and frustration. Did you know you can do life an all that is thrown at you without it affecting who you are and what you want. It is how we think that matters...because how we think will in turn affect how we act which will create what happens in the future. A reading with me will help you find the right path for you not by me telling you what you should do., as that is not my place, but me giving you direction from who you individually are through your birth numbers for a start which show you in numerological terms where you are in life and where you are likely to be heading. One of the tools that I will suggest for you is something I love and do every day for myself as it does bring great results and that is EFT tapping. Check it out on works if you have the right dialogue to say with it. A quick wonderful technique.

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Tarot is a wonderful tool for readings.. I teach tarot and have studied it for many years... Tarot is good for timing and filling in the blanks in other readings such as Numerology where it can identify traits of the people you ask about.


Experienced Tarot Reader and Teacher. Numerologist and Reiki Master