About My Services

Every tarot deck is chosen according to your situation. The Rider-Waite is often used for basic life guidance, while Angel cards are mostly used to connect with your loved ones who have crossed over. For those who have love on their hearts and mind, the Echanted Love deck is one of my favorites.


Remember that readings may often take a turn as you ask more questions. Your situation may need addtional guidance as the reading progresses. Just know that I am open, known to be highly accurate and non-judgmental with all I see. Be prepared to give the divine your time and the cards your attention for a full comprehensive reading.

Experience & Qualifications

My very first tarot deck opened up a new world to me. I learned that the unbiased nature of the tarot can be used when it's difficult to see past blocks that have been put into place. The cards that show the way and the ancestral guidance of the divine, lays specific cards for your situation. 


For the past 20 years and counting, my heart has been full with the joy of helping others. I welcome you to ask questions, seek answers and accept my gifts and they are laid upon my soul. What is meant for you is for you!



I am Kepler trained and an ordained minister.