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** NEW on Kasamba ** Understanding Marie is a natural God-Centered sixth-sensory telepathic communicator with more than 40 years experience. She has many gifts and much wisdom to share! Other Specialties  
About My Services

Understanding Marie is a God-centered six-sensory telepathic (mind-to-mind) communicator and psychic medium. She has spent over 40 years successfully providing spiritual and life-path mentoring and counseling to both adults and children. Understanding Marie is best known for her ability to connect powerfully with Divine Heart and Mind in order to quickly dive down deep to the quantum levels to find the true core-answers as to what is really going on in your life! She has many, many natural 6th sensory divinely given gifts to use when assisting you, and has also successfully served as a health education intuitive; clairvoyant; animal communicator and much more. She specializes in all good things that important to your wellness and happiness; which includes Love and Relationships; career and job focus and much more! Understanding Marie will lovingly help and support you as you navigate the difficult moments and assist in the resolution/solving of your most important issues, and challenges. Disclaimer: These readings are for entertainment purposes only and are not provided via an exact science-based source of information; nor are they intended to provide and do not constitute medical, legal, or other professional advice. Information given in the reading should also not replace medical or psychiatric treatment. Please seek professional care if you believe you may have a condition.

Experience & Qualifications

Understanding Marie is a published book and magazine article author. She co-hosted her own talk-radio show and has appeared as a guest-host, on others. She has given readings on the air and off the air and is know for she keen insight and receptivity. Understanding Marie is a workshop/retreat facilitator and has received formal training or is certified in many alternative health-centered modalities which includes reflexology, therapeutic aromatherapy, herbology, flower essences therapy, quantum touch energetic healing.


B.A. in Psychology; an M.S. in Education of The Gifted and is a certified Crisis Intervention Counselor.