About My Services

I truly care about people and want to help them. I have been doing tarot and numerology for several years. I was an operator on a psychic line for a time but I got disenchanted by the conveyor belt like way they wanted me to treat people. I thought I could reach out and help more people over the psychic lines but it was all the same. Nobody cared for the people who wanted the help they just wanted us to get so many minutes out of them and hang up. I want to reach out and help people with real caring and understanding. I do CARE about you and I do want to help!! I am an excellent listener and I genuinely enjoy knowing that I made a difference in someone's life by giving them good advice and listening to them when they really needed it.

Experience & Qualifications

I have done tarot readings for over 12 years. I started out utilizing tarot because I am genuinely sensitive to people's feelings and I can pick up on their thoughts quite easily and I thought tarot card would help me concentrate and get a better reading on the people I wanted to help. I started out just doing family and friends then graduated to psychic reader lines. I didnt last long on the psychic lines because like I stated above it was frustrating for me. I have been sensitive to spirits and can see things in the future and things that are happening in the present ever since I was a small child. My daughter has inherited this from me as well and I can see myself in her.