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I am clarity, shining bright. Guiding with honesty, a guiding light. Focused on you, your well-being, my goal. Direct and caring, to heal and console.No mumbo jumbo, just straight and true. Deep insights I bring, for a better you.A steadfast presence, in every hour, Together we'll conquer, with love and power. Other Specialties  
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Do you wander aimlessly, lost in the maze of love's complexities? Fear not, for I am here to guide you to the beauty that awaits. Though the path to true love may be strewn with confusion, frustration, and heartache, I specialize in navigating the stormiest of relationships. Whether you've just met the love of your life or are rekindling an old flame, I can help you decipher your feelings and determine the right course of action. Do they hold the key to your heart's desires? Are you afraid to take the leap, uncertain if love's whispers are real or just figments of your imagination? Let me shed light on the matter and help you overcome the obstacles blocking your way. With over 20 years of experience and 30,000 sessions under my belt, I can help you pinpoint the changes that need to be made, whether in your behavior, perspective, or approach. Patience, understanding, and a fresh viewpoint can often be the key to unlocking love's secrets. Fear not, for you are not alone. I have been on this journey my whole life, constantly enhancing my abilities and growing my understanding of the human soul. Born with a gift, I have lived many lives in my 50 years on this earth, learning from every challenge and discovering new ways to heal and grow. From a strict religious upbringing to the mysteries of ancient mysticism, I have delved deep into the realm of spirituality and metaphysics, honing my gifts through fasting, prayer, and ritual. I understand the power of our thoughts, emotions, and actions, and I know the path to the light that shines within us all. Let me help you see what has been hidden from view. Whether you were born with clear sight or are still searching for it, there is always hope, love, and life waiting to be discovered. All you have to do is open your heart and trust in the divine.

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Blessed with an innate ability, I have embarked on a lifelong journey to deepen my spiritual understanding and sharpen my gifts. Throughout my 50 years of earthly existence, I have encountered numerous challenges and obstacles, each of which has provided valuable lessons and opportunities for growth. My fascination with the human spirit dates back to my childhood, when I would spend hours studying and trying to comprehend the actions and motivations of those around me. As I reached my teenage years, I sought refuge in religious teachings and principles, which offered comfort and guidance as I navigated the world of spirits and energies that surrounded me. My introduction to the works of Carlos Castaneda at the age of 16 opened my eyes to a new realm of understanding and potential, and sparked a deep interest in exploring the mysteries of life. Throughout my twenties, I sought knowledge and wisdom through my involvement in spiritualist church practices, immersing myself in the rich tradition of ancient mysticism, from Santeria to Buddhism. It was in my thirties that I discovered the realm of Metaphysics, where practical spirituality and magic took center stage. Through my experiences, I came to understand the interplay between our thoughts, emotions, and actions and their lasting impact on ourselves and those around us. I have undergone numerous transformations and rebirths, and have come to know the depths of pain, fear, and despair. But I have also discovered the path to the light, and my purpose is to guide others out of their personal struggles and into the radiance of love and hope. With my spiritual sight, I offer the ability to see what may be hidden from view. Regardless of where you find yourself on your journey, know that you are greater and more capable than you imagine. The Divine is ever-present, offering hope, love, and life to those who are willing to seek it.


With a B.A. in Metaphysics and a lifelong thirst for knowledge and growth, I am constantly adding to my wisdom and empowering others to reach their full potential.