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At a very young age I discovered that I had been blessed with psychic ability. My first mystical experience was at the age of eight when a strange mist appeared in front of me and began to change shape, appearing as a person before me. I began speaking to the apparition, and realized that I could communicate with it, hearing them answer to me in my head. This experience has led me on a lifetime journey of self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment. For many years, I did not share my psychic ability with anyone, however instinctively in 1996, I started reading for people and began using the Tarot shortly after when I discovered that my accuracy rate was incredibly high. I began to study different modalities of divination including Vedic astrology and the I Ching. I continue to study and learn from the ancients, constantly reading ancient texts on alchemy, astrology, hermetics, religion, the tarot, kabbalah, mystery schools , quantum physics and mathematics.

Experience & Qualifications

I am a fully trained Psychodynamic Therapist, Energy/Reiki Healer and true Psychic. I have provided consultations to government leaders, government officials and celebrities, as well as providing online, e-mail, and phone readings to people all over the world. My ongoing studies into Kabbalah and the Tree of Life and the connection this has with the Tarot has taken my natural born talent as a true psychic to another level, allowing me to provide to those seeking the truth an in-depth and informative reading that will be like no other they have ever had before.


B.A. from University of Toronto; Double Major in Human Psychology & Economics