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Questions Answered!!! Amazing, Incredible, life empowering Tarot readings here, now!!! Intuition is the key, to unlocking the mystery!!! Other Specialties  
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Questions Answered!!! Greetings beautiful people... I work with a wonderful loving spirit guide named Sophia. Sophia is the mother of the light and can help with answering any persons question and not only getting the answer to the question in full but also a map of the overall situation, which is the key to unlocking your fullest potential as a soul. The flavor of each reading divination is wisdom, kindness, and love. Thank you!!!

Experience & Qualifications

I have been reading for 26 years now. As a professional diviner I have done more readings than I can count. Sometimes up to 12 readings a day. Most readings are one hour and are at the core, life changing. Sophia is wisdom, love and guidance and the tarot I work with allows for the story of each persons life to be both reflected upon and harnessed in full.