Queen of Cosmos

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Law of Attraction



I am a certified law of attraction practitioner. I have seen magic of law of attraction working in all the aspect. I can help you find out what is that you are doing wrong to attract same patterns in your life and help shift energies. Other Specialties  
About My Services

I am a tarot reader , empath , intuitive reader and guide and law of attraction practitioner. I have been practising law of attraction for many years and I have seen magic of this working all the time and I have helped my clients to practice certain ritual and guided them how to use this magic tool to really manifest what you truly want and avoid negative cycle of failure and heartbreak, I advice on the aspect of love, career , relationship, soulmate and twin flame connection. if you feel that you are looking for that powerful to break the cycle of negativity. connect with me now.

Experience & Qualifications

I have been on this path of helping others and guiding from last 12 years professionally. I am able to sense the events before they happen as well as can tell you the choices and changes you need to make to achieve the desired outcome


Professional Tarot Course, Diploma in Numerology certified course in law of attraction certification in pranic healing