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Law of Attraction



Let's recieve insights and inspiration from the Universe about our dreams!What do you want to attract, precious Sparkle? :) Other Specialties  
About My Services

How can we create happiness in our life? We are Starseeds of the Universe and it is our power. I use Tarot, Lenormand, Oracles, Angel messages to receive insights from the Universe. All is One. If it resonates with you contact me!

Experience & Qualifications

My incarnating on Earth is a great adventure. I had some strange experiences from a young age. I liked the meditations and I started to feel some «subtle energies» and decided to develop this sensibility. Once, in deep meditation, I felt that the world full of different energies, different vibes and we can feel every "frequency". I quickly understood that Tarot cards and Oracles are “my favorite tools” to connect with the Universe and to receive insights from the Universe about the energies. I had a special notebook where I wrote down my spiritual experiences. These insights don’t belong to me, or my capacities, or my personal opinion, they belong to the Universe and its Akashic Records , so some answers are totally unexpected for me but very accurate. As time progressed, so did my skills in doing readings. I have been developing my skills as a Tarot reader for the last 15 years,I have clientele worldwide. Working with people from all walks of life, from full-time moms to CEOs at large companies, I saw that the Cards show everything and everybody deserves own happiness.


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