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Universal Laws



We all have laws in society. The Universal Laws of our soul journey through life is very important to how our life will progress. Call me to find out more
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I have been working with people for nearly 2 decades. I am a trained numerologist and tarot reader and have had the gift of psychic insight from birth. I have trained in the Kabbalah, Astrology and Numerology and are an avid Tarot reader. I have learned by experience how to and not to do things in regards to relationship and other life situations. Regardless of what your religious or spiritual beliefs are there is a universal that shows how to get the best out of life.

Make sure you are open to hearing what I have to say...Don't be to quick to judge as things can change from when you have a reading and what you think is impossible may become possible in the most unique way. Nothing shocks me anymore... so be honest and open

Experience & Qualifications

My experience in this field goes back nearly 2 decades and I have been working as a professional reader for 10 of these. A Tarot Reader and teacher and group facilitator I pride myself on giving you a honest reading using all my gifts including my knowledge of Numerology


Experienced Tarot Reader and Teacher.

New Zealand Diploma in Counseling



2nd attuned Reiki Healer

And Dream Analyzer