About My Services

I strive to help every client tap into their own personal power so that they can take control of their lives. I can also help you to find the keys to unlock some of the doors in your mind and heart, allowing you to be fully at peace with your directions or the decisions that you make in this life. I will be more than happy to teach you about the many tools that are available to us from The Law of Attraction, E.F.T. a/k/a "tapping", to many others. I can also guide you to some teachers who can help with your particular situation. Just ask me for help with your issue during your reading. By going back to my own Native American and Celtic roots, I can hear the “voices” of animal spirits. Native Americans refer to them as Totem Animals. I can listen for the animal spirit that best applies to your situation. By using the power of that animal, you can bring its knowledge and power into your life. Animals have long been revered for their ability to bridge the gap between the this world and the Otherside. Allow me to assist you in finding the message that the Animal Guides have for you. My clients range from presidents of major corporations to homemakers. My down home southern style puts everyone at ease and my manner and reading style are more conversational than mystical. I am brutally honest, yet am very giving, caring and supportive. If you really don’t want to hear the truth, please don’t come talk to me. Please bear in mind that time frames are mostly based on choice which cannot be predicted not even by Spirit / The Universe / God. Free will was given to us so that we can make our own choices freely. So time frames are not always predictable. If you come to me for a reading, you would want me to be honest with you, right? Well, I in turn ask you be honest with me, and more importantly, yourself. So, together, let's get to the heart of the matters that affect you and your world. I've am often asked why my prices are "so low" compared to some other readers. My prices are lower than some because of two reasons. One, I really want my clients to get a good reading and a good overview of their situations. Two, I feel that, morally, my price is a fair price for you and for me equally.

Experience & Qualifications

I have worked as a professional psychic since the early 90s. I am known world wide and am also a published author in a magazine relating to spiritual matters. I am certified by the Tarot Certification Board. I am a Reiki Master, 3rd Degree. I am an ordained minister.


Certified by the Tarot Certification Board, Reiki 3rd Degree Master, Ordained Minister