About My Services

My main area of expertise is love and relationships - particularly navigating and identifying soul connections. Most psychics will give you are reading focusing on only the physical state of consciousness, but I dig deeper to give a fully perspective on the influences from your conscious and subconscious. This allows us to focus on the ways we can manifest growth and navigate our karmic lessons rather than focusing on a finite future. As a former “getting a psychic reading” addict, it’s very important to me to give clear, detailed explanations with tangible tools to work on after the reading. As a clairsentient psychic (as opposed to clairvoyant), I feel ahead instead of see ahead. I work more closely with emotions (and hidden emotions) than physical descriptions. I can also work with you to help you understand how to work WITH the law of attraction to manifest your desired results and timeframes.

Experience & Qualifications

Several years ago I was in your shoes, I came to Kasamba as a member to ask questions because I was lost and hurting in my twin flame experience. For awhile, I just asked questions - but eventually met some wonderful experts who helped to foster my spiritual growth. Through these amazing teachers, I was able to manifest my Twin Flame Union, reconnect with my natural abilities, and ascend to an open place of spirituality in which I can give back to the members of Kasamba as an expert.


Certified Life Coach and Angel Card Reader