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About My Services

My name is James and I am a naturally gifted psychic whose gift was recognized and nurtured from a young age by my aunt and grandmother who are themselves talented psychics and spiritualist mediums.

I can see and talk with spirit guides and help you communicate with loved ones that have crossed over as well as look into whatever life questions you may have.

Most importantly, I treat all people with love, kindness and respect and I genuinely care about your happiness and well being. So please contact me and together we will manifest the love, happiness and success that you desire and deserve.

Experience & Qualifications

I was born psychic, a natural gift that was nurtured by my grandmother, aunt and godmother who are themselves accomplished psychics and mediums. I am patient, kind, respectful and non-judgemental. I am here to listen compassionately and use my gifts to help you achieve your life goals.


I have a BA in Spanish and a Master's Degree in English literature.