About My Services

Are they going to call? What do they feel? What is going to happen next? These and other questions can sometimes take a toll on us. Get the answers that you seek from someone who will be honest, direct and to the point. No fluff, just the truth. What I do and what you can expect: I don't need a lot of info. Your name(s) and questions are pretty much it. I usually connect immediately, sometimes as you are asking the question. I like to get right into the meat of things. I don't tell you what you want to hear alone. I look at the big picture. Not just what you think you may need to know. I can't help whatever information comes through. I don't do the readings myself. The Divine speaks through me to you. I may tell you things that you don't like to hear, want very much to hear or may even amaze you by telling you something that no one else on earth knows. Or it may be somethings as simple as repeating the very phrase that the person that you are asking about just told or has a habit of saying to you. Something that no one else says. That happens with me pretty regularly. I can't promise it will happen everytime. I don't plan on it, it just comes out as I speak and relay whatever message I'm told to tell you. I can guarantee you an ORIGINAL reading tailored to you or your situation every single time. I don't read from scripts, I don't have a lot of experience speaking in Psychicese or using words that only serve to enhance your "experience" yet offer nothing in return. My readings are in depth, to the point and I don't pull punches. I'm very understanding, non-judgemental and extremely empathetic though. I'm not here to lay blame with anyone. I'm here to bring you clarity, guidance and truth. All are welcome. Whatever the situation, how secret, however seemingly out of the norm. I have personally helped thousands of clients find their way to love, life and happiness with the one that they were meant to be with. I have helped them understand where in the cycle of their challenges that they are at, what to do in order to overcome their past life karma and connect with the ones that they love. Do you find yourself still not able to forget about them despite: Not contact for weeks or months? Are unable to move past them, no matter what you do? Find yourself wondering if you are loosing your mind? Do you find yourself unable to discuss what you are going through with anyone else? Do they judge you, demean you and make you feel ashamed of feelings that you simply can't control? TALK TO ME. This is what I do. It's my life. I never tire of it or the work involved in getting you from Point A to Point B. I can ensure that if it yours, that we will find a way there.

Experience & Qualifications

I've spent my life learning, growing, studying and meditating on the ultimate truths of love, life and wisdom. I specialize in bringing you from darkness to the light of life. I know the way back. Let me guide you from desperation and hopefulness to the joy that can only be felt by once again having hope. Please be advised that I am NOT associated with any other advisors on Kasamba. There is no chance or risk of me sharing my transcripts with others or gaming the system by asking others for your info. My readings are original, clean, sincere and all my own. Expect nothing but the truth with your best interests in mind. Not mine but yours.


B.A. Metaphysics - Lifelong Seeker of knowledge and empowerment. Various Spiritual degrees in many different fields.