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I use tarot and psychic intuition in my readings to give me honest and direct information for my clients. I do not sugar coat but I ask that my clients understand law of attraction before coming to me. I do not support victim mentality and can help you understand your power if you are ready for it. Other Specialties  
About My Services

My intention is always to help my clients as best as I can and I use my psychic intuition and divination to support that intention. Please understand you often must ask a clear direct question for the specific answer you are looking for. Timelines can be achieved but not always-not everything is set in stone. Also I ask that ALL of my clients understand the law of attraction as alot of people are only supporting their own helplessness, victim mentality, and feelings of entrapment of a supposedly written in stone present and future by getting readings. That is not how reality works-you are manifesting what comes ahead through actions and subconscious programming. I will share what you are currently manifesting but do NOT give your power away. I will not pull and pulls at strings of paths and see what comes up; that is not my job. Work on manifesting what you desire and use readings to support that chosen path; do not allow yourself to be a slave of "destiny" or of predictions. Balance is needed. Learn self care and self empowerment but also the art of RELEASE and moving forward when what you are attached to is causing suffering; readings are a supplement to this path. Use this as a tool not as a crutch.

Experience & Qualifications

I have many years of experience using intuitive abilities and divination to assist clients. I have been practicing tarot for over 12 years and professionally for 3+ now. I have experience with mediumship, tarot, reiki, pendulum, dream reading, lucid dreaming, law of attraction work, picture reading, and psychic readings, but my focus on kasamba is mainly tarot as this is the modality I am able to receive information for most quickly at this time.


Usui Reiki Master and Teacher