How to know if you have a ghost at home

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Top love expert / 20+ years experience Intuitive and empathetic

How to know if you have a ghost at home How to know if you have a ghost at home
At some point in life, we have all asked ourselves whether ghosts are real. From haunted houses on Halloween, and scary movies, to spooky stories from individual accounts, it’s not unusual to ask yourself whether you believe in ghosts, and if you have been exposed to paranormal activity in your home. The spirit world becomes activated in October, and in the following winter months, there is undoubtedly an eerie feeling in the air. Temperatures are cooler, days are shorter, and the night sky is darker, leaving many people on edge about what is lurking between the walls at home.

If you can recall certain occurrences where the floorboards are creaking, doors are opening by themselves, the lights flicker, or there are strange shadows that shift in the house, it could be time to explore what’s actually going on. Before you jump to conclusions, it is important to remain rational and keep in mind that drafts in homes are common, light bulbs need changing frequently, and unwanted pests can cause strange noises and smells. However, if things really cannot be explained, it may be time to start wondering whether you are being exposed to paranormal activity.

While many people brush off the idea of paranormal activity, it was reported that around one in five people admitted to having been in the presence of a ghost. Despite many experts expressing that these encounters are much more common than you would think, popular culture and ghostly depictions have led people to believe that ghosts are scary creatures that lurk in the darkness waiting to haunt and traumatize you, but this has been wildly exaggerated for dramatic effect. In the vast majority of situations, ghost sightings are rarely scary, and they just want their story to be told, or communicate messages from the spirit world.

How to know if you have a ghost at home How to know if you have a ghost at home

What is a ghost?

Ghosts are described to be the spirit of a dead person that appears to the living. They are assumed to be people who have passed onto an afterlife, but their spirit has not yet had closure with leaving. In different cultures and religions the definition of a ghost can be very different, some refer to them as angels and protectors, while others say they are ancestral spirits, but generally, they are commonly believed to frequent the places they lived in.

People have their own explanations and experiences with ghosts, meaning that there is no one-size-fits-all description of their being, but there is a distinction between feeling a presence of a deceased loved one around you, and encountering a ghost. Grief is a very sensitive topic and people gain comfort and warmth from feeling the presence of their loved ones. When these spirits enter your world, it’s not unusual to see a visual that you resonate with, or a smell that feels familiar, but the feeling you get around a ghost is increasingly unsettling. They aren’t there to provide comfort, but rather linger due to unresolved trauma from a disturbing experience.

How to tell if I have a ghost in my house

If you are experiencing strange occurrences in your home and have ruled out possible conclusions, there are a number of telling signs that will tell you if you have a ghost in your house.

You feel as if someone is watching you

People who experience paranormal activity in their home have noted that one of the first signs they identified was as if someone was watching them when they sleep. This alarming sensation feels like eyes are following you around your home, and makes you feel like you are not alone. However, anxiety-inducing thoughts can also creep in here and become all-consuming, so if you have pondered whether there is a ghost, you may just be telling yourself you’re being watched, even though you aren’t. In order for this feeling to be legitimate, there will be other signs that follow it.

You smell an unusual odor

Everyone’s home has a distinct smell that is unique to them. It could be a scent or perfume, a smell of cleaning products or washing powder, or even an aroma of cigarettes if you smoke. However, when a ghost is in your presence, there is often a foreign odor emanating from a specific area in the home at a certain time. The ghostly smell will be something that you are familiar with, but they are usually less pleasant. Essentially, if you didn’t have a ghost, these smells wouldn’t otherwise exist in your home.

How to know if you have a ghost at home How to know if you have a ghost at home

You hear sounds and objects moving

If you suspect you have a ghost in your home and are anxiously awaiting a shrieking sound to come when you least expect it, you won’t. When ghosts make sounds in your home, they are usually subtle and want to make their presence known without actively trying to scare you. If doors slam, the stairs creak unnecessarily, and small objects fall on the floor without being touched, the ghosts could be trying to send a message that you do not belong in their space. When real-life ghost busters are brought into the home to examine the noises, they look for the frequency of the noises and type of sound. When certain noises don’t align with your typical home, for the most part you can put it down to paranormal activity.

Your electrics are malfunctioning

People who study and believe in the paranormal often cite electricity as a means for ghosts to communicate. They could be disrupting technology or manipulating electronic devices, so if your lights start flickering, your devices stop charging through the night, or your appliances malfunction without a logical cause, it could mean that ghosts are in your home. In many cases, it is the same lights that flicker, and even when you have someone come and look at them, there is still no explanation for what is going on.

Your house changes temperature

This is not about some parts of your house being colder than others. If you’re standing in your room and one part of it is significantly colder than the others, it’s not an air circulation problem in your house. When you feel a chill go down your neck and your spine starts to feel tingly, it’s a big sign that there is a spiritual presence around you. If there is something paranormal going on, it will feel like someone is standing in the room with you, and there will be a distinct heaviness in the atmosphere.

If you genuinely believe your home is haunted by a ghost, there are a few methods to rid your space of them. Pouring salt around your doorways, purifying areas with white candles and lights, cleansing your living space, or bringing in a professional to rid yourself of the spirits have all been used to expel the paranormal energy. Once your home feels comfortable again, don’t start asking yourself if the ghost will come back. You want to rid yourself of this energy, rather than allowing it to consume you and inviting it back in.
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