Birthday Horoscope
Happy Birthday, Aries! The theme for the year is "out with the old, and in with the new." Big changes are occurring after your birthday that could impact you the rest of your life. Read on to find out what is coming your way this exciting birthday year!
It is time for some awakenings in your love life, thanks to the strong influence of Uranus. You have been filtering and screening your words and actions lately. You have not been being true to yourself, if you evaluate yourself honestly. The real you is dying to come out, and you may burn some bridges inadvertently in the process. Do not hold back, because sometimes for the greater good, a bridge does need burning. You are clearing the cobwebs in your social life. There may be some friendships that you know in your heart are poor influences on your life. This is the time to let go. The void they leave behind will be quickly filled, as new people will enter your social circle who are much more positively-minded.

For singles, this is a good year to search for The One if you are yearning for a serious relationship. You are not holding yourself back and keeping your opinions to yourself. On the bright side, you will not be wasting time with anyone you know is not right for you. There could be a few first dates that are last dates, as your standards are high. You want standards when searching for a life mate, so that is not necessarily a bad thing. There are plenty of potential love interests crossing your path this year, so you do not have to settle for the first person to ask you out. Work on tactfulness because there is no need to rudely hurt feelings when you figure out it's not working early on. Patience, for the odds are on your side that you will be engaging in an exclusive relationship later on this birthday year

For couples, you may be forced to work on a major goal together. You can be competitive with your partner, but this is a time to aim for cooperation. A major goal, like buying a home together, has to be worked on jointly. You may be facing issues with relinquishing any control to your partner. This is a time to aim for balance, not domination. If you find yourself butting heads to the point of endless frustration, it may be time to end the relationship. Rip off the band-aid, because a slow goodbye will only be more painful in the end. If you decide to call it quits, make sure that it is for the right reasons. A life lesson you may still be learning is that you cannot get your own way all of the time. Focus on attaining mutual goals together, if you want your relationship to be lasting.

Keep the cliché saying "trust no one" on the back of your mind at work this birthday year. Start making preparations, for you could be seeing the writing on the wall well ahead of your co-workers. It is not your imagination, for there is secret worry in your boss's eye when he tells you that "everything is fine." Organizational restructure could be around the corner. Use this knowledge to your benefit. Your inner voice may have been telling you to diversify your work ventures for a while now. You are running out of time to make this happen. Fortunately for you, your energy levels are climbing, allowing you to get a lot accomplished this year.

You may be wisely considering a big move, such as going back to school, switching jobs, or starting your own business. If you can, at least consider starting a part-time job so that you are somewhat covered in case the walls come crashing down at your current employer. Preparation is part of the battle in dealing with whatever life throws at you. The curve balls are coming, but with the right preliminary moves, you won't have to sidestep far. You are resilient. No matter what happens this birthday year, you won't be held down for long.

Regarding your finances, this will not be your most lucrative year. Considering you may be on the verge of something serious happening in the workplace (i.e., demotion, layoff, etc.), try to budget your money wisely. This is not the time to buy. This is the time to sell what you don't need in order to save for a rainy day. This is an excellent year for investing. Seek investment advice from a trustworthy expert so that you can watch your savings multiple. While you are a natural impulse spender, you are finding ways to curb your spontaneous buying instincts this year. Who would have thought you could be so thrifty

April 2017: This is one of the best months for your career path this birthday year. Take the torch and run with it. You will earn the respect of even the most hard-to-please supervisor. A reward, even if it is just simple appreciation, is around the corner. Key Date: The week of April 9th is optimal for asking for favors at work. Plan to ask for vacation time far in advance to make the most of the good vibes surrounding you right now.

May 2017: After a busy month at work, you are ready for a little family time. Children may be especially needy and craving your attention. Family outings can benefit everyone and keep spirits high. Be sure that everyone feels included. Key Date: May 23rd shows some potential tension at home. Brace yourself for some mild conflict as family members turn to you to play the role of a mediator.

June 2017: This is one of the best months for extended faraway travel. A long tropical vacation will rejuvenate your mind and body. Chaos is occurring in the background at work. Dodge a few bullets and stay far out of the way. Key Date: June 21 is the change of the season. You will be in a great mood and have high energy. Plan to get a lot accomplished this day.

July 2017: It is almost too quiet at home and at work. Your significant other may be keeping a secret from you. If your alarm bells are ringing, try to find out what they have been up to. It is not good to be left in the dark on this one. Key Date: July 30-31 may have you feeling a little emotionally off-balanced. Watch your words as you may accidentally cause a fight by some impulsively chosen words.

August 2017: This is the best month of the birthday year for love. The days are sunny and past tension has dissipated. Plan to do something special for your loved one so that they know how much you appreciate them. Intimacy and passion are at high levels right now. Key Date: August 21st's solar eclipse is shaking up your career path. You may want to abandon ship if people at work are driving you crazy. Look before you leap to make sure you are improving your career in the end.

September 2017: You may be feeling jinxed this month with the worst luck ever. There are a lot of bad days to wake-up to, but you will pull through. Thankfully, it is primarily minor issues that you will be dealing with. The Mercury Retrograde adds to your frustration and stress. Key Date: The weekend of September 1st is the time to get your affairs for the month in order. Pay your bills early so you do not accidentally forget later on. Mark your calendar clearly so you do not overlook any important appointments or meetings.

October 2017: Your to-do list is growing, and your plate is overfilled, but somehow you are maintaining a happy-go-lucky attitude. Positive vibes surround you, even when facing mundane tasks that typically bore you half to death. Key Date: October 31st is the day to take off this month. You deserve some R & R. Sleep in and treat yourself to something special. This will help the rest of your work go by more effortlessly.

November 2017: Love life matters are forcing you to look at commitment issues this month. Is your partner meeting your key needs? Are you truly happy? Communication should be focused on to make sure that everything is on the up-and-up. You deserve to be satisfaction and love. Key Date: November 16th is a great day for romance. Plan a playful date night with your partner.

December 2017: Stress at work is making the end of the year harder than it has to be. Get through the end of the year without making any waves, if possible. Don't get too depressed this holiday season. Count your blessings and focus on family to make the more season joyful for everyone.Key Date: December 18th has you feeling "blue." If you have a case of the Mondays, take off early and take part in a hobby you enjoy to take your mind off of things.

January 2018: Friends are dying for your attention right now. You are feeling very popular. A positive attitude starts off your year on a good note, and everyone is attracted to you like a magnet! Key Date: January 12th is potentially good timing for your friends and loved ones. A party or get together can make the most of the good vibes that surround you right now.

February 2018: A temptation comes up in your love life sector this month. If you are happy with your current partner, do not let a crush drag you into an unlikely-to-last affair. You will only have regrets the next day. Aim for stability with your partner. Key Date: February 26th's Solar Eclipse in Pisces has you emotionally drained. The life is sucked out of you temporarily. You will bounce back to your old self before you know it.

March 2018: Your career is back in focus this month. You could be experiencing a life-changing moment at work. If your boss asks you to do a little extra work, just do it. There could be long-term consequences with magnificent payoffs in return for the short-term frustration. Key Date: The week of March 25th shows up as you having less patience than normal. Your fuse is short, so keep your opinions to yourself if you don't want to ruffle anyone's feathers.

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