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Secrets to Loving an Aries Man

He didn’t just walk by you as if he didn’t see you, or did he? Or was he so straight to the point, so direct that it left you utterly bewildered and aghast? Despite that, his confidence bordering on arrogance does something for you and no one else will quite do. Sounds like you’ve found your Aries man.

As charming as Robert Downey Jr. or James Franco, and also as flippant as them! Really, the Aries male’s traits can be so inviting and such turn-offs at the same time!

They blaze their own trail. They are masters at whatever it is that they have chosen to do. You won’t find an Aries man happily toiling away for anyone but himself. He has to be in charge, be the best, and dominate his own destiny.

This is a Leash-Free Zone

Don’t you hate it when a man tries to control you or your every movement? The Aries man hates it too! Seriously, he’s no one’s pet. He doesn’t answer to anyone but himself.

So who are Aries compatible with?
Best match for an Aries man is one part independant, strong, mostly self sufficient. And two parts feminine, artistic, stylish and able to hold a conversation about current events.

“I’m always right. Even when I’m wrong.”
Don’t be discouraged. Yes, he’s an ego driven man. He doesn’t take well to being corrected. In any way. So avoid it. At all costs. Seriously it’s so not worth trying to prove him wrong. He doesn’t take to it. So a little reverse psychology can go a long way with him. Pick your battles. How to attract an Aries man? Simply learn to go with the flow. He’ll make up for it.

“Mommy, is that you?”
Are you a mother? A mother figure? Do you naturally mother the men that you love? Good! But your Aries man in love is not a momma’s boy. He respects, admires and adores his mommy dearest. He wants to be mothered, sometimes even sternly. Oh yes, you can use that authority as a mother to make him sit, listen and make adjustments or corrections in the relationship. Just don’t make him feel like he’s wrong!

aries men in love

I’m a pretty peacock, hear me ROAR

It’s hard to miss his entrance. In earlier times, he would have worn a cloak and be covered in fine jewels. Now he has to make due with designer clothes. The horror of it all! He LOVES attention. He fully expects it. He’ll soak it in, seek it out and more or less expect to be treated as a king. It’s just in the Aries man’s personality to do so.

In his mind, there is no one better looking or wittier. So don’t hold back! Tell him how gorgeous he is, how intelligent he is and if you have the courage, admit to needing his help with something that only he can do. There is nothing quite like watching an Aries man strut his stuff. Same in bed - an Aries man in bed can work miracles if you give him the red carpet treatment.

My drama is enough, thanks!
If you’ve had experiences dating an Aries man, you know they can be a tad dramatic. In public they can be reserved and polite. But behind closed doors, drama and gossip can be a daily occurrence. You wouldn’t know by looking at them but they don’t keep secrets very well. I know, right? They love to hear gossip and share it. Always be clear about what can be shared with others and what cannot.

Come to DADDY
They are universal father figures. Everyone gravitates to them. They are natural leaders and will always strive to be the best. They are born confident. That makes his arms that much warmer, his embrace all the more meaningful. The Aries man’s characteristics offer a safe haven for those who love hugs and cuddles.

The ultimate protector

There is little if anything that can shake an Aries man. The whole world could be coming to an end but they will remain stoic in the face of any opposition, fully believing that they will overcome. And they usually do too.

With an Aries man you’ll find a lot of emotional stability and a great place to find shelter. They are natural leaders and are protective of those under their care. Even if and when you're wrong, as long as you're with him, you’re right too!

dating an aries man

Family First
Family is paramount to the Aries man. Once you’re in, you’re in for life. There is no deviating or looking around for better options. Once he’s made that choice, the rest is sure. He will commit to being the father, the builder, the provider and protector. You in turn become the mother figure that he adores and places above all others.

Where the initial stages of the relationship can be fraught with challenges and having to take a back seat to his demands, the later stages of the relationship is much more well balanced as he puts his greatest needs and desires aside for your own, without uttering a single word in protest.

Once you are his and he is yours,
there is no turning back,
nothing is more valuable than the connection that you share
and building a life together.

Contributing advisor: Divine Messenger Zuco

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