Birthday Horoscope
Happy Birthday, Aries! This year, communication with others is your biggest life challenge. Don't fret too much though because you will have the positive energy you need to lead yourself in the right direction. Read on to find out what awaits you this wonderful birthday year!
The good news is that you can look forward to a year of positive energy and inner strength. You are up for more adventure than ever, and there is meant to be excitement in store for those brave enough to seek it out. The bad news is that this year is going to be a bit of a roller coaster ride for your closest relationships. It may seem like you and those around you are on different planets at times. Healthy communication is difficult; and your partner, and even best friend are on different wavelengths then you are. When it feels like the walls are closing in and no one is there for you, try to have empathy for others. It is never a fun challenge to face, but your patience is certainly going to be tested this birthday year.

Singles will actually have the most fun this year, as there is no one holding them back! Enjoy your freedom to be yourself right now. There are some perks to not being in a relationship, and you can fully embrace that lifestyle this year. Things may change in August, when dating opportunities seem to come out of the sky. Your romantic encounters may be based more on physical attraction than anything else. If you are looking for something more serious, you may want to hold out until late 2018, when more well-rounded options come your way. When it comes to your friends, you may be getting a little burned out with certain people in your social circle. Meeting new people or enjoying independent activities is highly encouraged.

Attached Rams may be butting heads with their partner, particularly if the partner is a fellow Fire Sign. Seek out some mellow Earth Sign buddies to chill out with if your partner is driving you too crazy. You may be spending more time by yourself than usual this year. Relaxation and stress management is encouraged if there is frequent bickering going on in your relationship due to outside problems. The strongest months for your love life are in late-2018 (Nov. and Dec.). Communication is strained more throughout the rest of the year. You may have to decide whether you want to continue on this path with your partner or seek greener pastures. Avoid impulsive decision-making, as you do not want to live with regrets.

Your energy is limitless this year, and that alone will carry you far when it comes to your career path. You are up for the challenge of making your work-related dreams come true. Your energy will continue to grow as we get through the second half of 2018. Use the coming weeks to plot out the goals that you want to accomplish over the next 12 months. Be ambitious, yet practical. If you put this energy to productive use and make the most of it, you will certainly be in a better position a year from now.

It is a very career-focused year for most you. Those who are job seeking will have extra luck. If you are waiting for a promotion or raise, it is a good time to demonstrate to higher-ups how much you are deserving of both of these things. It is important not to settle for less then you deserve. As long as you are careful to not turn assertiveness into pushiness, you will come out ahead. You may find that you have energy to spare. If so, your career path would further benefit from side work, or even a night or weekend class. Self-improvement can only help you further! Individuals who work in sales, business, and beauty/health sectors will benefit the most this coming year.

Financially, you are in good shape in the months to come. As long as you are able to keep spontaneous spending under control, you can work to build up your savings. Setting aside money for a rainy day and financial planning will benefit you for the long-term. As you move through the year, you may even end up with some additional surprise income that you were not anticipating. You have a lucky streak going for you. This may help you to dodge some hurdles that are thrown in your path. Keep your eyes on your goals. This should be a productive year for both business and finance.

April 2018: The birthday year starts off with additional stress in your social life. There could be fighting between friends and family. Be smart and stay out of it! You don't want to create any resentment by taking sides. Key Date: April 21st is when conflict is at a peak. Avoid any friendship war zones by staying home this evening, even if things seem innocent on the surface.

May 2018: Your ambition is quite high this month. If you can work on making a to-do list for your life as a whole, you will benefit greatly. Focus the most on your career path, which has the most growth potential this year. Key Date: May 1st is a good day to get organized. Not just with list-making, but around your home or office, too. A little cleaning and organization will be helping your life run more smoothly.

June 2018: Travel is highly encouraged right now. You are feeling quite wanderlust in the coming weeks. Plan a getaway to another country, if possible. If you can do something adventurous and thrill-seeking, you will be glowing for days to come. Key Date: June 21st is the change of the season. You are in a great mood. Make the most of the day and infect others with your enthusiasm and positive attitude.

July 2018: Somebody needs your help this month. You may feel overwhelmed as favors keep getting asked of you. It is good for you to help others now, so that they may return the favor when you are in need of some help at a point down the road. Key Date: The weekend of July 6th is not going to be the most relaxing. Expect your phone to blow up with messages or calls from people who need to capitalize on your strengths.

August 2018: Love is the theme this month, especially for those who have their eye on someone. It is a good month for those who are single and looking to seek some excitement. Things may turn physical quickly if you don't have any brakes on the situation. Proceed with caution! Key Date: August 11th's solar eclipse could supply you with your dose of drama for the year. It could be a fun afternoon, just don't let things get out of hand as day turns into night.

September 2018: The energy you have been relying on so far this year is wavering a bit this month. You may be at risk of burnout. Plan some time to relax. You can't live every day in the fast lane. Key Date: Catch up on your sleep around September 4th. A little time to recuperate and take it easy won't hurt you one bit!

October 2018: Everything is going smoothly in your social circle compared to the complications you were facing earlier in the year. You have the opportunity to make up with a friend. Let bygones be bygones. Life is too short! Key Date: October 12th is a great day to spend with an old friend. Talk about memories and good times. Some laughter will erase the stress that is in your life!

November 2018: Late in the year, you may experience some boredom. Instead of getting into trouble, channel your restlessness into a healthy outlet. A new hobby or talent could be under your grasp if you have the patience to practice. Key Date: The weekend of November 16th is ideal for entertainment. Go see a concert or something similar that suits your interests. Even watching a new movie can add a dash of simple fun to your life!

December 2018: You are a little more grumpy than usual this holiday season. For some reason, parties are not up your alley right now. Be a gracious guest (or host) at the parties you must push yourself through. Don't worry--the year will end before you know it. Key Date: December 31st is the best day of the month because the holidays are coming to a close. You are ready for things to get back to normal. Try to end the year on a happy note!

January 2019: As the new year and month begins, you are feeling much more positive. You may be debating on whether or not to make a life-changing purchase. If you are drawn toward buying a pet, make sure that it is not an impulse buy. Stick to goldfish if you are not sure if you want the 10-20 year commitment of a puppy or kitten! Key Date: January 18th may have you feeling more lonely than usual. Don't fill in temporary gaps in your life with a pet unless you are sure you want more responsibilities.

February 2019: Your love life is going quite well this month. Elaborate planning for Valentine's Days will charm your sweetheart beyond belief. Turn the holiday into a month-long affair and celebration for you both. Key Date: February 14this a holiday you should not overlook this year. Singles should be brave this day in asking out those they admire. It may pay off for the long-term.

March 2019: Work is more stressful then normal right now. There is tension going around that leaves you feeling anxious. You may feel like skipping out of work early to avoid your nerves being fried. Key Date: March 26th is the most stressful day of the month. Maybe you should hide in your office (or home) if you want to avoid any conflict with your co-workers or customers.

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