Birthday Horoscope
Happy Birthday, Aries! Your love life is full of excitement, as your energy is about to reach a whole new level. Your career path has some intriguing opportunities ahead, as well. Read on to find out what's coming up for you this exciting birthday year!
This birthday year is bound to go by you at lightning speed. There is never a dull moment when your ruling planet Mars is in your sign, and that is exactly the case for you starting in late-June through early 2021. You will have the guts to hit on the hottest person in the room, no questions asked! Some of you may even find yourself involved in multiple relationships at the same time, depending on how brave (and slick) you are. Unfortunately, your fast approach may backfire when Mars is retrograde from September 9th through mid-November. Too much added pressure will be a turn off to whoever is in your spotlight at this time. The odds are more in your favor for love life harmony in early 2021. One additional highlight of this birthday year is that there are positive effects for your social life. You are willing to go the extra mile to make new friends and expand your social circle. You are not afraid to take the initiative, making it unlikely for you to be feeling lonely anytime soon.

Singles risk being their own worst enemy when it comes to love. Those striving for something serious will risk being led astray by a superficial attraction to a connection with no true substance. Not being selective enough may be your downfall. Some will wind up on a false path that leads to a half-hearted relationship that they are not emotionally invested in. Even if you are not feeling your emotional needs taken care of, you are bound to find some fantastic chemistry that leads to your intimacy needs being met. The Solar eclipse in Sagittarius this December will amplify your desire for freedom. It is a great time to shake loose of anyone who is getting too clingy for your tastes. Better relationship opportunities are catching your eye in the first quarter of 2021, where you are more likely to find someone who can keep up with your energetic pace.

Those who are already in a happy relationship will be ready to take next steps with their significant other. The second half of the year offers great timing for in-depth communication that reinforces your already solid foundation. The influence of Mercury in Libra and Scorpio at this time lets you achieve balance in expressing yourself in a way that allows you and your partner to get on the same page on a variety of topics that are important to you. By early 2021, you may be celebrating an engagement or new arrival to the family. For those in unhappy relationship situations, you are finding the perfect timing to escape and find closure. The new decade lines up to give you power to reclaim freedom that you may have been longing for months or even years. You will have a family and social circle of reinforcement behind you to help you have a healthier and happier transition than if you try to go through it alone.

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Your career sector of life may start out with some of you feeling drained around your birthday. If you are feeling overworked and bored of what you do, there is relief coming right around the corner. The Capricorn lunar eclipse/full moon in July will have you howling with joy as you find a way to escape the monotony of the rut you have been stuck in. You are going to have more than one career-related opportunity come your way, so do not be afraid to be selective. Whether it is just a change in your everyday job tasks, or a complete change of your career field, your instincts will be helping you go forth on the path that allows you the most flexibility and room to breathe easier. The deeper into 2020 you go, the more you will find your ability to work on a team improve. The individualist in you is able to take a step back, yet still provide your Aries power and energy to help your team project prosper. Your co-workers will gain more respect for you and you'll score brownie points with the boss as well! By your next birthday, you'll be in a good position to keep climbing upward on the ladder of success.

On the financial side, you may have been too busy to find time to spend your hard earned money on indulgent purchases for yourself. This is allowing you to build up a cash reserve that you may not be used to having. Before that money burns a hole in your pocket, you may want to take advantage of Uranus in Taurus's influence on you. Your motivation to be creative with your resources can result in finding novel ways to invest and multiply your savings account. Open-mindedness makes you more open to low-to-medium investment risks. There is money to be made this birthday year, as the most ambitious of the Arieses will be finding out! Those who work in finance, security, and management sectors have the most to gain this birthday year.

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April 2020: The workplace may be a real negative place to be at this month. You may be drained by your co-workers or boss more than usual. One good thing is that you do have some constructive ideas that are worth contributing. You are dying to get out of the career rut you have been stagnant in. Bid your time as this year opportunities are coming in for bigger and better things. In the meantime, don't neglect your current job. Key Date: April 28th is when burnout is likely to be highest this month. You may feel like calling in sick (if you have one to spare). If not, do your best to get through the day and be sure to have migraine treatment on standby.

May 2020: Are you ready to make some productive changes in your life? Multiple paths to get ahead in life will appear at your disposal. This is a great month to evaluate if you are on the right track in your career path. If you are not doing what you love yet, it is time to expand your workplace horizons. This may involve some additional education or even a training. Do not be afraid of change that allows for long-term happiness. Key Date: Your ability to sit still and set goals is highest around May 9th. Setting some time aside for goal planning now can allow you to make the most of the opportunities that are at your doorstep this birthday year.

June 2020: While you are not exactly known for your patience, this month is going to be even trickier than normal to keep your cool. Clashes within your social circle are likely, as a friend may be not telling you the whole truth about something important. Eventually, the truth will come out and whether or not you lose a friend that day is going to be based on your reaction. Key Date: The solar eclipse in Cancer on June 21st is when your patience is going to reach an all time low. Others around you may be more emotionally needy than usual, which will clash with your own mood. It's a good day to keep your distance until all this negativity passes over.

July 2020: You will have some luck with romance this month, as your personal magnetism is high causing you to attract more attention than usual. You may find that you are wanting to rush through some of the more traditional dating steps, and get right to the action! While it is likely your partner will not mind, you will want to be clear with communication, as the Mercury retrograde that is in effect in the first half of the month could lead to complications. Key Date: Communication is most strained around July 1st, where you are in the middle of what could be a tough Mercury Retrograde. Watch out for misunderstandings that escalate into conflict and arguments with your loved ones.

August 2020: You are finding yourself drawn to an unusual opportunity that could impact your financial affairs. You may have to seek the advise of an older relative or mentor who knows what they are talking about. If the risk is too great, you cannot act on an impulse trusting your intuition alone. The feedback you get will help you decide in which direction to go next. Key Date: Your creativity is quite high around the new moon in Leo on August 18th. Combine your creative talents with a profitable hobby, and you may find yourself coming up with an innovative new side business!

September 2020: You are ready for some rest and relaxation this month. It is a great month to unwind and plan for a vacation where you can treat yourself. Activities that stimulate the senses are invigorating to you. Whether you indulge in fine dining or a luxurious massage, you are going to come home feeling full of energy and ready for the rest of the year! Key Date: Travels around September 20th are highly recommended. If you can afford to take a week or so off of work, you are bound to make the most of your free time. You will be ready to bounce back to your normal activities by the end of your journey.

October 2020: You're feeling like your intimacy and emotional needs are being neglected by your significant other. Communicating your deepest needs will actually help your relationship become more secure. No topic is taboo this month, thanks to Venus in Virgo's serious influence on you. In addition, it is a good time to aim for a compromise if there is too much give and take going on in the relationship. Key Date: If you want to have a serious talk with your partner about where the relationship is going, aim for October 3rd. A discussion well before the next Mercury Retrograde in fiery Scorpio is going to allow for the greatest collaboration with your partner.

November 2020: The ability to be the office hero is coming up soon. Your energy seems to be endless, as well is your ability to proactively problem-solve. If you do too good of a job, you might risk getting taken advantage of by your boss in the future. You won't let your co-workers push you around, but you can't butt heads with the head cheese! Key Date: November 20th is when your energy and ability to multitask peaks. You may want to schedule important meetings or project deadlines based on this information. Enjoy the increased productivity while you can.

December 2020: The holidays are definitely having you pleasantly distracted as the high productivity of last month has waned completely. You may feel like your energy is crashing at the end of the year, but it is more likely your inability to stay focused on tasks that need to be done. Don't worry, this is just a temporary phase. Key Date: December 31st shows that you are prepared for the New Year and even more ready to celebrate this exciting holiday. Plan on sleeping in the next day!

January 2021: You are in cheerful spirits to start out 2021. You may notice a family member that is in need of some extra attention. Let your enthusiasm and positive energy be contagious. Focusing on family needs will give you a grounded start to the new year. Key Date: Your ability to help others is highest around January 8th. You are also likely to be able to accurately observe and read the emotions of others. This increased sensitivity will help you in taking care of any family member's needs at this time. They are sure to appreciate the additional care that you provide.

February 2021: An ethical temptation may come up in your love life. Whether you are already taken or are in a position to become the "other" man or woman, be sure that you think things through carefully before acting. The consequences could cause some major shake-ups in your love life that will not be easy to fix. Key Date: Your ability to progress forward in your love life is highest around February 11th. It is a good time to plan a special date for the one you love the most. They will return the favor to you in ways that you may not be able to imagine!

March 2021: More love life excitement comes at you this month, when someone from your past makes an unexpected return. An ex-lover that you thought you were over may not have the same degree of closure as you. Do you want to open this potential can of worms? If you don't adress this issue now, it is likely that they will reach out to you again in the future, as this ex may be hard to get rid of for good. Key Date: Romantic tension reach their peak around March 18th. This is around the time when you are most likely to hear from an old flame. Be sure to check social media for messages in case your phone number was lost.

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Written By Sonya Starr Angel
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Specializing in : Tarot Readings | Skills : Astrology / Psychic / Tarot
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