Birthday Horoscope
Happy Birthday, Aries! Your 2022 will be a very special year full of excitement and success and it's just the beginning - 2023 will be even better! New relationships and positive, radical, changes: read on to find out what awaits you this wonderful birthday year!
In 2021 you had to make some sometimes difficult decisions, and many of you worked hard to find a new balance after tiring years. This year you will rediscover the desire to love and be loved, to open up to people you like, and to express yourself freely. Jupiter will begin a temporary transit that will then return in a more stable way at the end of the year and during 2023. This planet brings the desire to pursue big projects, to get engaged, to get married to think about children. Spring will bring, especially from May, special encounters that will make some of you feel emotions never felt before.

Singles will find special adventures, transgressive, full of excitement, especially starting in March, with Venus and Mars on your side. May will usher in a very special time, where singles will find special loves with long-term relationship potential. Summer will also be a good time to take radical decisions in ambiguous situations, even if old chapters are closed, new ones will not be long in opening. The final phase of the year will be positive especially for those who have decided to open up to love and trust.

Those who are in a relationship will experience a very peaceful year full of joy. Spring will also bring opportunities to reconcile couples who have faced crises, thanks to the energies of Mercury and Venus in your favour. The passage of Jupiter in your sign, will bring a period of great and important decisions in couples of long standing but also in those who were born more recently. Many of you will talk about marriage and children and plans for the future. Even when there are minor conflicts, you will be able to restore order with wisdom and maturity, thanks to a relationship that is based on solid love.

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Career will also play an important role in your year: many of you will decide, finally, to follow your dreams. If you have been thinking for a long time to change career, path or simply job, this is the time to do it, taking advantage of the revolutionary energies of Jupiter that will make the first temporary passage from May to October. Those who have struggled to gain better positions in their field will see consistent results especially around June, with Mars and Jupiter particularly favourable. Autumn will bring possible new work synergies, exciting collaborations and new opportunities. The end of the year and the beginning of 2023 will be important periods for work, new long-term projects will be favoured.

As far as finances are concerned, there will be few weak periods, this is a year where your energy will not be lacking and you will be able to counteract difficulties and reinvent yourself with persistence. Finances will have a particularly fortunate period especially from June. There will be opportunities for new income and possible salary increases in the fall. The best period will be the beginning of 2023, which, with a little luck and commitment will bring you unmissable opportunities.

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March 2022: March will have two particularly positive transits of Mars and Venus that will bring positive moments in both work and relationships. Some minor stress may happen at work, you may have built up a backlog of work, but you'll get through it. Interesting encounters regarding love but also friendship. The advice of the horoscope is to let go and release the sufferings of the past: it's time to have fun and let love come back into your life.

April 2022: April starts with a strong and positive Mercury that will help you in solving open situations from the past. Career will be very positive, some of you will get the long-awaited raise. Plans for a future together will also be favored for couples who feel ready to take big steps.

May 2022: May will be one of your best months with a promising and positive transit of Jupiter that will bring you strength and desire to pursue your dreams. It will be a month devoted mainly to yourself and your personal balance and growth. Those who want to start ambitious projects, even when it will be necessary to face big changes, will be assisted by Venus. Courage will not be lacking and many of you will finally begin to pursue their dreams. Even love will be favored, especially for singles who will have the opportunity to meet new people.

June 2022: June will also be a very active month on the work front and you may feel some moments of stress and nervousness. Do not be discouraged by small obstacles and keep working hard. 2022 and 2023 will be important years for your accomplishment: you will work hard but you will also have great results. Strong passion in love and also some interesting return from the past that could help you to fix situations that have remained unresolved for a long time. Your financial situation will be excellent and there will be opportunities for last minute trips.

July 2022: July continues to stay particularly busy, so you may feel a tad tired. Some of you will feel the need to stop and relax. Work is going well, but pay attention to finances: you may have some unexpected and sudden expenses. July will be the perfect month for singles who want to find love even in the long term. Some of you may have to face the closure of relationships that no longer work, but you will do it with serenity because your goal will be to do the right thing and open to a better future. This is the right time to strive for happiness and balance. Some of you may start engaging in activities for your mental and physical health.

August 2022: August will be all about love with a particularly positive Venus transiting from the second week of the month. Passion will not lack for both couples and singles struggling with newborn relationships still uncertain but certainly promising. Those who have recently ended a relationship, can already begin to open up to new romances with confidence and serenity. Mars in favor towards the end of the month, will bring you courage and persistence for those who will face complex situations with ex-lovers and families. There is no room for uncertainty, acting with sincerity will be your strength.

September 2022: September will bring a breath of fresh air, especially at work. Many of you will have interesting offers and, thanks to the strong support of the energies of Mars, you will feel the courage and the drive to take risks and face changes necessary to achieve your goals. Excellent period for what concerns network and social life, also possible reconciliations with people of the past.

October 2022: October could bring some tension and stress both at work and in relationships. The important thing is to try to be rational and embrace a sincere and empathic communication. The energies of this year are very strong and active, and could make you feel tired and therefore less prone to dialogue. Jupiter remains however in your favor, and you will surely be able to solve even the minor difficulties that may arise. Make sure to focus on you financial situation, it will be a good period to save money.

November 2022: Another positive month with many favorable planets that will bring pleasant surprises, especially in love. Very special connections will be born in this period will soon become official romantic relationships, especially during the last phase of the month. Even at work there will be very positive moments where you will be able to get appreciation from people who work with you. You will feel appreciated and valued and this will give you more strength to get things done. Venus and Mercury favorable around the last week of the month will bring positive news in your lives.

December 2022: Jupiter returns active from the end of the month, to remain in a very favorable position for a long time to come during 2023. This brings positive situations in both career and relationships. Those who have decided to start new businesses, can begin to plan lasting projects, the desire to achieve their dreams will be so strong. Stress at work begins to decrease and you will have the opportunity to have some me time. Be careful not to focus too much on your work life, neglecting your loved ones: there could be controversy or tense moments. The year ends great, with a lot of hope and joy for a future that seems to be promising.

January 2023: The new year is off to a great start with Jupiter, Mars and Venus on your side. There are many new opportunities coming your way and you have the strength to take risks and even consider a radical life change. There is no room for fear, 2023 will give you great opportunities to achieve happiness and personal growth. The work is positive but be careful not to take too many commitments that you are not sure to conclude, so as to avoid an overload of commitments. Singles can count on a particularly favorable Venus that brings news in love field.

February 2023: There are many things to do, commitments as well and you may suffer from some delays and issues that are not up to you. You cannot control everything so try to be patient and concentrate on what you can do, without letting small difficulties get you down. In love and relationships there could be some moments of crisis and uncertainty in relationships that have just begun but most of the conflicts will be resolved towards the end of the month. Some of you may decide to separate and end stories that are not giving so much.

March 2023: A particularly positive month in many areas of your life. March will bring great news and resolving energies. Conflicts or problems that have arisen during February will find an easy solution both at work and in love. The planets are on your side, so for those who want to embark on new adventures, this is the best time to do it. If you have waited a long time to declare your feelings to the person you like, do it now: sincerity will be rewarded. Ambiguous situations where there has been no clarity in relationships will finally have clear answers and precise directions. Very good finances, there will be pleasant surprises especially at the end of the month.

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