Birthday Horoscope
Happy Birthday, Cancer! This is a year with big changes on the horizon. Will they all be positive? Read on to find out what is coming your way this exciting birthday year!
This birthday year you will be facing changes and closure in the love department. It is time to let go of some emotional baggage that you have been carrying with you for quite some time, possibly even years. A grudge from a relationship gone bad may be haunting you to this day. You will be forced to face your inner demons in order to love yourself more, and also to move forward with your love life. Whether you are single or taken, there is most likely some sort of skeleton in your closet, and the timing is right to get rid of it! In late 2017, all Cancerians will be having strengthened romantic bonds due to Jupiter's influence.

Singles will be craving some affection and emotional attachment. This is not strange for you, but you will find yourself pushed to move faster in love than normal in order to escape singledom. Don't lower your standards just to have a relationship, or else you will be having regrets when you face an unnecessary heartbreak later on. After September 2017, you may find yourself getting more serious with Mr. or Miss Right. This is the perfect year to find a serious love partner. Depending on how desperately you want love, you may not be single for much longer.

Taken Cancerians may be feeling more needy than usual. Your intuition is spot-on and uncanny for a majority of 2017. Your 6th sense is telling you that your partner is hiding something. Your detective skills may uncover a secret that you wish you never knew. You will be at the crossroads of whether you should just forgive and forget, or leave your partner behind for good. It will be a tough call, as you truly desire a relationship. However, you know how you are when it comes to grudges. You shouldn't fear a clean slate for you and your partner if you really want to try to work things out. 2018 brings relationship stability, as you find yourself experience devotion and wonderful communication that makes you feel blessed.

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Your career is on the move this birthday year. It is a powerful time to reach for the stars, especially when your boss is watching. The right people will be paying attention, so work like somebody is watching you. Intrinsically, you are feeling the call of duty to go above and beyond at your job. You may feel like bringing in cookies to share with the office, or volunteering to stay late so everyone else can go home. Make sure you do this only occasionally so you don't inadvertently turn into the office doormat.

If it is a promotion or bonus that you want this year, ask and you shall receive. Of course, you will have to put in the effort to attain this. The astrological influences on your sign demonstrate that there is a lot of personal power that you have at work in the coming months. Your empowerment reaches a peak at the beginning of 2018. You may have been patiently waiting for your turn to be in the spotlight at work, but perhaps you have been passed over a time or two when it comes to a promotion. You are not about to let that happen to you again. Luckily for you, no one else wants to see it happen to you either. Don't be afraid to be assertive, as long as you do so in a tactful manner. The sound of your own voice might scare you a little!

Financially, your money and assets are expanding this year, as long as you don't do anything crazy. Be conservative, and you will watch your savings grow before your eyes. When you have extra time, examine your budget for even more ways to cut corners. You have a natural practicality that is helping you to save money. If you wish to invest, there is probably something around the home that needs fixing. A little remodeling work will improve your home and boost your mood. You take great pride in your home, so it is obvious that you will be taking diligent care of it when you are financially able to do so.

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July 2017: You are procrastinating a big decision on a personal level. You may be having cold feet about a future wedding, or wondering whether or not you should ask someone out on a date. It is okay to take a little extra time to think on the sidelines before you make your next move. Key Date: July 5th could be full of excitement if you go out with friends. Be sure to leave any drama at the door in order to keep your sensitive emotions in-check. No sense in ruining a good night with any tears!

August 2017: You have the golden touch when it comes to money this month. It is a good time to place a bet (within reason) or buy a lottery ticket. Your chances are especially high when it comes to random windfalls this month--if you are super lucky. Some of you will be, but most Cancers can see at least a small boost in their finances at this time. Key Date: August 21st's solar eclipse puts your emotions on full display. You may be feeling particularly vulnerable. Stay in your shell this day to avoid any major complications.

September 2017: Your creativity is off the charts in September. Bring your ideas to work where they will be seen as both valuable and interesting by some key players. In your free time, you may feel like focusing on your artistic side. Whether your gift lies with music, words, painting, or other art mediums, you are sure to be in the mood for artistic expression. Key Date: The weekend of September 22nd has you on a mission to clean and re-decorate your home or office space. Getting organized will help you feel more accomplished.

October 2017: Negativity surrounds you to the point of potentially feeling ill. Stress-related sicknesses like migraines or stomach issues could be troublesome. Don't be afraid to use a sick day, if you feel like you are about to lose your sanity. Stress management is important this month (spa, meditation, etc.). Key Date: October 9th is when the stress comes to a peak. There may be a family member who is especially negative that is holding you down. Take a break from this person, and do your own thing for the day.

November 2017: You are feeling self-focused this month on individual pursuits. You may be checking into classes for next year, or trying out a new hobby. Go outside of your comfort zone when plotting your exact course of action. It will pay off. Key Date: The week of November 6th is ideal for travel and adventure. If you can't find a companion, don't be afraid to fly solo for a change. You may find it is not as scary as you think it is.

December 2017: The holiday season has you in an especially romantic mood this year. You are obsessed with finding your partner or love interest the perfect gift. Do not be too disappointed if they do not show the same degree extravagance in return. It is the thought that counts. Key Date: On December 31st you are feeling excited to countdown the end of the year. Plan to party with friends, and not stay at home all alone.

January 2018: Changes are coming to your love life. It could be something dramatic that ends up being positive for you in the long-run. You are naturally resistant to change, so don't be afraid if love pushes you forward faster than you can handle. Key Date: January 1st you are feeling a little burned out from the holiday season. If you are feeling depressed, reach out to a close friend who is bound to cheer you up.

February 2018: A tricky situation faces you at work. An ethical dilemma has you questioning the right thing to do. Take the higher path, so that you are not haunted later by a big mistake. A short-cut could cost you if you put your integrity on the line. Key Date: February 14th is a great day for passion and romance with that special someone. You are really in the mood this year to celebrate Valentine's Day. Others will be picking up on your natural charisma.

March 2018: Career progression is possible this month, as your past efforts and accomplishments are being reviewed. Anticipate positive feedback from your superiors, and possibly even a raise or promotion. Key Date: March 3rd and 4th look good for a short trip with your family. Your partner or children will be more appreciative of your time than you might think they would be.

April 2018: Your energy is at a low point this month. You are feeling sluggish both at home and at work. The laundry is piling up, and so is the paperwork. Enlist a loved one to help you around the house, so you can get your priorities in place. It is okay to ask for help sometimes. Key Date: April 10th will be hard for you to get out of bed. If possible, plan a day of relaxation of watching movies or reading books from the comfort of your bedroom.

May 2018: Extended family may need your help. There could be a problem with a sick family member or someone in trouble. People will be turning to you for advice, and possibly financial assistance. Be careful not to spread yourself too thin. Key Date: May 16th is a day where people want you to choose sides. Don't fall into any mental traps. Stick to your guns until the tension passes you by.

June 2018: You may be feeling neglected when it comes to love this month. Work on communication with your partner. They cannot read your mind, as much as you wish they could. It may be difficult to voice your concerns, but it will be well worth it in the long-run. Key Date: June 21 is the change of the season. This is an ideal time to spend with family. A special dinner that you personally make (or buy) will be enjoyed by all.

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