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How to attract a Cancer man

In the show Daredevil, Vincent D'Onofrio portrays a character called Mr. Fisk. Fisk is a giant of a man who rules Hell’s Kitchen with an iron fist. But his love life is entirely another matter.

In true Cancerian male fashion, Fisk falls for a woman that he’s only met once and moves heaven and earth to impress her. It comes to a head when she tells him that nothing that he does impresses her. What would impress her is complete honesty and openness about everything in his life. He doesn’t even blink and hands over the keys to his heart. She knows everything. They instantly become partners in crime.

He could be your Prince

Prince William and Kate met while they were in college. When he first met her, he spilled his drink on himself. There was a long period where they were just friends, and then dated and then finally, after some doing on her part, they were officially engaged.

Will, as you may have already guessed, is a shy Cancer man. At one point, Kate had to take the lead in asking him to make a choice. Either we get engaged or we end this. He agonized over the idea for a long time. Despite how much he loved her, he needed her to help him make the right choice. He probably didn’t make the first move either. In fact, your cancer man may be waiting for you to close the gap too.

Fluent in Female

Cancer man in love is a man who not only understands how you think and feel. Even better, he thinks and feels in a lot of the same ways that you do.

There is a feminine aspect to him
that is ingrained in how he processes emotions
and helps define some of his thinking.

He understands why you might get stuck on that one thing that happened to you 6 years ago. He won’t hold it against you and tell you to get over it like a lot of other men might.

Trust first, ask questions later

In his world, trust is freely given without question. Anything that you say to him will be taken at face value. He will believe in everything that you say. It’s imperative that during the initial stages of the relationship, when you still only “like” him, that you're honest about anything that may come up later.

How to love a cancer man? Continue to be really honest. He’s not the guy that you want to keep secrets from. Especially skeletons that will come back to haunt you later. He’ll forgive things right away. But he’ll hold a grudge if he finds out that you lied early on. When that trust starts becoming frayed is when there is a danger that you’ll lose him.

cancer men in love

The Cancer man in BED

He can be a thriller under the sheets. There is no place he won’t go or do with you. He’s very sensitive to your needs and makes it his business to see what turns you on and then he’ll do all that he can to take it to the next level. You should be forewarned though; one night stands aren't the way to go with him.

If you move too fast and use seduction,
you’ll quickly lose him.

He’ll spend the night. He’ll rock your world. But unless there is an emotional connection, it will be the first and the last time you’ll connect.

Sex is not just SEX

He LOVES sex. In fact, his appetite can be legendary. But he doesn’t view his life partner as a sex object. The love of his life, is someone that he doesn’t have sex with. Oh no. He makes love to you. He has fantastical experiences with you that allow him to heal his innermost emotional wounds, and there is a lot of spiritual energy involved too.

One minute you’re being gently kissed on your neck and then on the next, you’re flying through space, exploring the stars as one perfect being, locked in love and passion. It only stops when you’ve both reached a level of ecstasy. If he could make it last forever, he would. Yes, it’s that good.

ALWAYS ready for an adventure

On his own, the Cancer man may not seem like the exciting type who likes to take chances. But that quickly changes when you come into the picture. With his partner, he’s much more willing to do things that are outside of his comfort zone. So if you already have adventures that you enjoy taking part in, he’ll be there too. If it’s new, different, even risky, he’ll do it with you.

Because he’s with YOU,
he’ll try new things, want to push his limits.

It’s part trying to impress you but also because you inspire him. A Cancer man is a man who cannot and should not live or experience life alone. So don’t be discouraged if you find out that his interests are limited compared to your own. Not only will he join you on yours, he’ll also introduce you to new experiences that neither of you might be ready for. One thing is sure, excitement awaits!

dating a cancer man

A King looking for his Queen

The Cancer man started his search early in his life. As early as he can remember, he’s been looking for the one. He’s picked up a lot of experience looking for you. Despite that, he’s not one to carry a lot of baggage. He’s not a serial dater but he can be a lover looking for that perfect match. He’s hard to miss.

How to tell if a cancer man likes you

The love that he gives is on a different level. It has a flavor all its own. It hits you in a different way. It’s all encompassing, ever present, never giving you a moment to wonder if he loves you. You always know that he does.

Connecting with him is like marrying into royalty.
You will be elevated to the status of Queen in his kingdom.

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