Birthday Horoscope
Happy Birthday, Cancer! Your love life is about to take top priority. Expect some positive love-related changes. Work may not be quite as progressive though. Read on to find out what awaits you this exciting birthday year!
Cancers are very fortunate to face relationship stability this birthday year. Even singles may find their dating status changing sooner than they think! There is a lot to look forward to, especially at home (your favorite place). Expect that there could be a move in either late 2018 or early 2019 that is love-related. Perhaps you and your partner are buying a home together, or you are moving into your partner's house. The changes that occur are definitely positive. Even though change is stressful, your love life is growing and moving forward. You will have reasons to smile in the year ahead!

Singles may not be alone for much longer. Dating opportunities are coming at you in full force. You are not wanting to play any mind games. You are looking for Mr. or Miss Right that will be open to something long-term and serious. The best chances for this come after October 2018. When you are committed, you will be ignoring all other dating opportunities and past flames. Don't be surprised if you cross paths with an overzealous ex in the first part of 2019. Their time has expired, so move forward with your new sweetheart and don't look back!

Those who are attached can look forward to a milestone year. Relationship next steps are on the horizon. If you have been awaiting a proposal (or the right time to pop the question), the time is quickly approaching. Those who are already awaiting their wedding date are in luck, especially if it is in 2018. There is some magic in the air this year that will help make special days that much more miraculous. For those who have been married for years or decades, it is a perfect time to renew vows and have a long getaway together with no distractions. This is a year for love you will never forget, so enjoy every moment.

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With everything going so smoothly with your love life, you may be neglecting your career path a little bit. It is hard to stay motivated when the object of your affection is texting you or sending you photos while you are at work. Don't let yourself get too distracted or your job performance will surely suffer. You are most sidetracked in the 4th quarter of 2018. Career stability is important to be able to provide for your home and family. This is something that you do not take lightly. Your focus is sure to rebound before any major negative consequences come your way.

Work relationships are improving, even if it is hard to stay on task. Your superiors like you, and your co-workers are not too bad either. Even if there is not a lot of growth in your immediate future, things are at least stable at work. You can take a breath because some of the pressure of earlier years is not as high right now. It is a good year to go with the flow and not make any big waves at work. With changes going on at home and in your love life, you don't want to be trying to adjust to a new job or major responsibility right now anyway. Those who are employed in office jobs, entertainment, or hospitality industries will benefit the most this year.

Financially, this is not the best year for saving. There are just too many expenses on your plate at the moment. With a possible move and/or wedding expenses to consider, it will be hard to have much money left to save. Try not to stress, as next birthday year will be more low-key. Instead of getting worked up about your depleted savings, get excited about what those funds are being used for. House and relationship-related expenses worthy ways to allocate your funds this birthday year.

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July 2018: Everything is going smooth this month, almost too smooth. Are you forgetting something? Make sure you double-check your calendar to make sure you don't miss anything Key Date: July 9th is ideal for focusing on your family. Plan an activity to do together. The positive energy you put into this will help strengthen your family bond.

August 2018: You are ready for a vacation! You may be hesitant to go any place that is not on the map, but you should enjoy a little adventure. The excitement and thrill will do you good, especially if it is outdoors! Key Date: August 11th's solar eclipse will have you feeling overwhelmed. You may be feeling sensitive when others are just having fun with you.

September 2018: This is a great month to focus on your love life. Your partner may have a problem, but they are not communicating it effectively to you. Encourage them to speak up so you can get to the bottom of the issue. Key Date: Things may feel off with your partner around September 20th. Stay positive in order to not throw any fuel to a fire that is burning.

October 2018: A costly expense may hit you unexpectedly this month! Whether it is a home-related or car-related repair, you should have a friend or family member who can assist you if need be. Try not to let this issue impact every aspect of life. It will all get fixed and sorted-out. Key Date: October 25th is your most unlucky day this month. Double-check your car's condition before you set off on any long trip. You remembered to get fuel right?

November 2018: Your boss is going to give you a pat on the back soon. The complement may boost your ego a little too much. You don't want to ruin your positive reputation, so treat your co-workers with respect. Key Date: November 5th is a great day to be extra nice to a co-worker. Go ahead and do them a favor, for you may need that favor returned sooner than you think.

December 2018: Overall, it was a pretty decent year for love. Now, you have a romantic holiday season to look forward to with your love interest. A gift or special plans will surely make them feel loved and valued. Key Date: December 31st may be especially romantic for you this year. Extravagant activities are highly encouraged, for they will surely be enjoyed by you both as you end the year together.

January 2019: Someone from your past is coming back to haunt you. Whether it is an old enemy or an ex you don't want to hear from, don't be surprised when you get their message. Your best bet is to simply ignore them and stay on your own course. Key Date: January 1st has you feeling full of energy. Get some organization done to help the rest of the month and year go as smoothly as possible.

February 2019: Your mood is a little off this month. Emotional instability may make you want to stay in bed some days. Turn to a trusted friend or family member when you are feeling too overwhelmed to move. Key Date: You and your love interest are not seeing eye to eye around the 14th. Be the bigger person and let them win. It's not worth the aggravation to argue.

March 2019: A family member may be needing your assistance soon. Sometimes people take you for granted, but you are used to this by now. Your reliable reputation for helping family is not a bad thing! Key Date: March 29th is when your communication skills are at a peak. If there is something you want to ask someone about, now is the time. Was there an issue you have at work that you have been meaning to talk to your boss about?

April 2019: Creativity is at a peak in April. You can bring your ideas to your home environment. There is a project you have been thinking about for awhile. Now is a good month to get started on it. Key Date: Plan to get a lot done around the house on April 8th. Your energy and creativity are both at high levels on this day, so you may want to make the most of it.

May 2019: Love life matters are on your plate this month. You are feeling neglected and more lonely then you should. Try to talk to your partner before the conflict gets a chance to escalate. Healthy communication is very important right now. Key Date: May 23rd is great for romance and love. Your sexual energy is at a peak around this date. Spending the entire day and night with your partner is highly recommended!

June 2019: Your stress is higher than it should be this month. Focus on your health and stress management. This will help you to put your best foot forward. A course in meditation or yoga may prove to have long-term benefits. Key Date: June 21st is the change of the season. Your energy is at a peak while you enjoy the day. Make it a positive one for yourself and those around you.

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