Birthday Horoscope
Happy Birthday, Cancer! Opportunities for love and adventures are coming your way. You can also expect some opportunities for growth financially and professionally. Are you ready for all that awaits? Read on to see what this wonderful birthday year has in store for you!
The crab of the zodiac is set up to have a flaming hot love life this upcoming year! You are starting things off on the right foot, with the new moon in Cancer on July 20th. Now is a great time to start reflecting on relationship goals for the next 12 months. What are you hoping to accomplish? You are less "go with the flow," and more assertive than usual this year. Personally, your magnetism is going to attract some new fans. Whether you want to be friends, or are hoping for something more intimate, it will be up to you to decide and figure out as you get through the rest of 2019. You may feel more comfortable sticking with one romantic direction, once you cross into 2021. While things are settling down next year, there is one pothole in the road to watch out for. There is potential for a crisis surround your love life around April 27th, 2021, when the full moon is in emotionally-heavy Scorpio. Don't make any rash decisions you might regret, for any major love life drama will have calmed down well before your next birthday.

Single Cancers can expect to be feeling more sociable in late 2020. This is great timing because you will be having multiple suitors crossing your path, and doing whatever they can to get your attention. You will be quite amused by this. It can even get a little dramatic in October, when a Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio begins on the 14th. Make sure you are texting the right message to the right person, to avoid any embarrassment. Your inner wild moonchild side will be chilling out come 2021. You may experience a "baby fever" phase in the first quarter of 2021, where you are having the desires to settle down and work on family-related goals. Your yearning to nurture will be quite strong (whether its a human or animal baby is up to you!). The bottom-line is that you may not be single anymore this time next year. ;)

Cancers who are in a relationship may experience more ups and downs than they would prefer with their partner. A big hiccup may occur right around your birthday, during the Mercury Retrograde in Cancer (which hits you extra hard)! Unclear Communication can lead to emotional, verbal outbursts during this phase. Things calm down during the 4th quarter of 2020. You and your partner may be expanding your social circle and meeting new friends. An adventurous period awaits you and your beloved as the fiery Sagittarius solar eclipse in mid-December has you open to trying new activities together. By early 2021, things are relatively calm again, and you may find yourself wanting to focus on home-related projects. If you can get your partner on board, you may bond over remodeling a room, landscaping, or installing a pool. Whatever you end up doing is going to bring you two closer together. Even a mundane task such as pulling weeds is not so bad when your sweetheart is there to help!

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Any career-related changes you have made in the past few months will be allowing you to achieve more stability and success in your upcoming work path. Also, life lessons are coming on who you can trust the most in the workplace. You may have to fight against any instincts that are telling you to not ask for help when you are in need. Fortunately, an eclipse in your house of work occurs on December 14th. This will enable you to be most receptive to people who can teach you the most. You may be surprised at who becomes your mentor. The rest of 2020 is an opportune time for relationship-building at work. With your magnetism high, try not to be shy with the extra attention. Chances for progress are forthcoming in 2021, which overall will have more luck for promotions and job-related progress. The new moon in Capricorn in January 2021 will increase your focus on career-related ambitions. The person who has the power to hold you back the most is yourself, so don't be afraid to dream big!

Financially, this is a year where you'll be coming up with ingenious new way to increase your income. Don't be surprised if some of your daydreams turn out to be real moneymakers. When Juniper enters Aquarius in December 2020, you may notice that your spending habits shift towards helping others. This is a result of your sensitive heart combined with philanthropic energies that are stronger than usual. Make sure you are taking good care of yourself, as well as those that you want to show charity. You want to ensure you are not taken advantage of by anyone you have a hard time saying "no" to. Those who work with children or are in health-related sectors have the most to gain this birthday year.

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July 2020: A bit of a scare may occur at work this month. If you can get your no-nonsense side to take control, you should be able to skirt any major issues. Gossip may be going on around you, too. It is wise to stay out of it, in order to come out clean when any office-related drama inevitably settles back down. Key Date: Conflicts with Communication will peak around July 14th. If you aim to avoid confrontations, things should settle back down before you know it.

August 2020: You are feeling more romantic than usual right now. Now's a beautiful time to date and focus on your love life. Whether you are single or taken, you are bound to have some luck with love this month. Surprises are even there for those who are not actively seeking a partner. You never know when cupid's arrow might strike! Key Date: August 3rd is looking most opportune for love and romance. Nourish your heart with some intimate affection with your loved one. Even a first date can go smoother than usual around this time!

September 2020: You've got a serious case of the workplace blues this month. You lack the passion you need to get things done. While you ask yourself where all your energy went, keep in mind that the boss is not oblivious to your decreased productivity. Eyes are on you at work, but try not to get too nervous. This too shall pass. Key Date: September 30th is a day when you may be at risk for dealing with an authority figure on a power trip. If it's your boss, you will fair better to stay out of sight until the day is over (if possible).

October 2020: The Mercury Retrograde that is starting this month is bound to drive you more than a little crazy. Even your best friend is getting on your nerves. You may feel like escaping to a remote desert island to be a hermit. Fortunately, those you deal with may be sympathetic to your emotions. As you strive to avoid being overwhelmed, everyone else can see that you are doing the best you can. The world knows it more than you might think. Key Date: October 7th is a great day to play hooky. Treat yourself to a day off from dealing with the hassles of life. Whether you want to catch up on sleep or binge-watch your favorite show--don't be afraid to let yourself indulge a little.

November 2020: As the end of 2020 is fast approaching, you may begin to feel a bit stressed about how to get the rest of the things on this year's to-do list accomplished. Time has gone by very fast for you this year. You are feeling frazzled, but don't forget that you have a supporting cast to help get you through the current drama. Friends, family, and even a love interest is willing to support you to the best of their abilities. Delegating tasks is highly encouraged! Key Date: You may be feeling incredibly drained right around November 18th. Phone a friend or family member for help. They will be more compassionate and helpful than you would guess.

December 2020: While the year ends, you will find yourself especially drawn to romantic ventures and pursuits. You may want to plan for some special outings and date nights with your beloved. Even singles can be feeling butterflies in their stomach about a new crush that is in their sights. Living in the moment instead of worrying about tomorrow should be your motto right now. Key Date: You are ready to end the year right. December 31st will have you wanting to plan a soiree for your nearest and dearest. Whether your party is for 2 or 200, know that you will be looking forward to where 2021 can take you.

January 2021: You are ready for the new year, and your energy is quite high this month! This will help you to get more accomplished than you are used to getting done. If any big ideas come to your mind, be sure to write them down. Whether you want to write a book or start your own business, the ideas that you generate during this time will help to propel the course of where life takes you! Key Date: January 25th is when your energy reaches its peak. This is a great day to plan for an important meeting or presentation. Nothing can stop you on a day like today!

February 2021: With novel ideas continually coming to mind, you may notice your productivity increasing at work. When you become unsure about which idea to stick with, don't be afraid to reach out to a trusted mentor. Sometimes it's hard to ask for advice, but you will be glad you did it this time. Key Date: Your creativity levels are very high around February 8th. Creative visions are coming to you. Trust your intuition and dream big, for 2021 has the potential to bring you more success than in recent years past.

March 2021: While you are on a roll at work, you may be feeling a little down in your personal life. If you are feeling neglected by a loved one, don't be afraid to speak up. A misunderstanding may be brewing behind-the-scenes that you are entirely unaware of. Communication will be extremely important this month, so make sure that you follow-up with anything you have a question about. This is not a good time to let things fall by the waist side.Key Date: The days around March 5th are a high-risk time for chaos with your home life sector. There may be a family member or a friend who requires your help—check-in on those who you care the most about.

April 2021: You may be feeling a bit winded from all that you have been accomplishing so far this year. It's about time for a vacation. Whether you want to travel far and wide or stay close to home, it does not matter. The important thing is that you treat yourself to some time off, and reward yourself for getting so much done. Key Date: The week of April 11th is an optimal time for travel or taking a vacation. Leave your work at home, unplug from the world, and get ready for some quality rest and relaxation!

May 2021: With your birthday coming up, you may be more focused on making productive self-related changes. Matters of health and appearance may be on your mind more than usual. Starting a new exercise routine, diet, or even just getting a new haircut may do wonders for your self-esteem. You may know you are getting older, but you do not want to look (or feel) like you are! Key Date: May 28th is the best day of the month to give yourself a little pampering. You may be more fixated on physical appearances right now, but if you use it to your advantage you may be able to push your style and outward look in the right direction. Give your self a mini-makeover!

June 2021: A new love interest crosses your path this month. Those who are already in a partnership could experience a more chaotic romantic life. Singles may enjoy this attention, but the extra attention will be problematic for those who are dealing with a possessive lover! Key Date: The seasons make a change on June 21st. This change of the season will boost your energy and bring out your playful side. Enjoy the day by going outside with a love interest, if possible. Nature will rejuvenate your mind while your loved one will rejuvenate your heart.

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Written By Sonya Starr Angel
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Specializing in : Tarot Readings | Skills : Astrology / Psychic / Tarot
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