Birthday Horoscope
Happy Birthday, Cancer! You are instore for some dynamic highs and lows this year for life, as a whole. Will your love life or career path have the most to gain this year? Read on to find out what awaits you this very exciting birthday year!
The fiery than usual Crab of last year is on a much more subdued love track this birthday year. You are in need of security and comfort at home more than usual. The way to win your heart right now is through nurturing and good old-fashioned TLC. Among your friends, expect to get turned to when there are heavy secrets to be shared. You may feel drained in dealing with some acquaintances who may take advantage of your listening ear. Your own feelings can be vulnerable, especially as it gets close to the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, come May 2022. Around this time, there is greater risk of emotional upsets over things that normally would not make waves. If possible, avoid borrowing or loaning money from loved ones around this time. By the time it gets to your next birthday in 2022, you may be surprised by the lack of reliability that some family members are demonstrating.

Single Cancers are more likely to be striving to partner up and find themselves in a serious relationship this birthday year. Casual dating may be more challenging at times, and as you look for a serious companion you may have to weed out some frustrating bad apples. The good news is that your love life luck does become more positive before the end of 2021. Your tolerance for low-quality dates is quite low, and your magnetism to attract a higher caliber partner is boosted. If you are still single come 2022, your next best chance for a serious partnership to begin starts after the end of April, with the Solar Eclipse in Taurus. You are ready to get wined and dined, and the person who has your attention is likely ready by now to do that for you.

Cancers in a relationship will benefit from plans that have likely been in the works for quite some time. You are focused on the future, and checking items off of your relationship "to do" list. There is no need to rush! If you plan too much, you may end up caught in an emotional whirlwind, and get thrown off if life doesn't play out exactly as planned. You should be especially cautious of communication problems with your partner around the mercury retrograde period of September 2021. Next year, as a whole, should treat communication better for you and your partner, particularly when it comes to planning any next steps for the relationship. As it gets closer to your next birthday in the 2nd quarter of 2022, do not be surprised if there is some sort of exciting plans that you are looking forward to sharing with your significant other!

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When it comes to your career path, the second half of 2021 may have you feel like you are working at a zoo! Expect to be feeling that you are not being told everything, but being expected to anticipate the unexpected! Things may feel quite demanding, and you may be pulled to wanting to quit and start over on more than one occasion. It is not fair, but too much is dumped on your plate, especially in as 2021 comes to a close. If you tough it out, you can expect to get some recognition next year, but probably not as much as you feel you deserve. If you want to start a new path, that is totally up to you... but major career transitions may end up being harder to get through than normal. The pressure does let up as 2022 gets rolling, but you may be needing to take several long vacations (if possible). Find a way to let off some steam, so you do not end up with job-related burnout!

Financially, as long as you are able to hang in there, you should be seeing some improvements with your money flow. While you may be undecided about if it is the right time for any major purchases or not, know that it is totally okay to take your time to pick out a large purchase like a new home. Moving is likely to go smoother for you, starting in 2022, compared to the second half of 2021. If you can't wait, try to at least wait until the fourth quarter of 2021. If you can wait, expect to be tickled pink by the extra purchasing power your savings allow you to have in the future.

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July 2021: Your birthday year starts out on a good note! Your energy levels and motivation levels are higher than normal. Your good moods may even surprise yourself sometimes. Be prepared to let loose, kick back, and enjoy some good times with your family and friends. It is a great time to make the most of life! Key Date: Around July 17th, you may be want to host a get together with loved ones. Whether it is a small party or a large one, you can expect to have major fun!

August 2021: Business and love both have your focus this month. Your love interest is making you feel on cloud nine. In addition, it is a more smooth month for career matters. It may feel like you can do no wrong, and it is too bad this type of feeling cannot last forever! Key Date: Be sure to take a day to yourself this month to recharge your batteries. Around August 15th, or anytime around mid-month is most ideal. You can rest up, and have energy for round 2 of what this month has to offer you!

September 2021: Stress levels are starting to pick up a bit, as we get begin to get closer to the end of the year. You may be feeling frazzled about upcoming events and meetings that are still months away. You can plan ahead, but you do not want to fry your nerves too much. Be sure to find work-life balance, so you can enjoy life to the fullest. Key Date: Stress does pick up around September 28th. If you can get extra relaxation and sleep at this time, it is highly recommended. You do not want to burn yourself out!

October 2021: Communication may be off track with those around you, especially if there is damage from the Mercury Retrograde. You may feel you lost your mojo when it comes to having luck with work and being able to do your job as effectively as possible. You are not feeling that you have much of a sense of humor right now--expect to feel a little touchy. If you are being too grouchy or cranky, others will certainly call you out on it! Key Date: October 5th is when you are going to be hit the hardest by any low moods that can be going on. Try not to take things too personally when others are just lightly joking around. Your sensitivity may be a little high.

November 2021: Financial matters are improving for you, as a whole. You may notice that you are having a desire to do a little shop therapy. While it can be comforting for the short-term, be sure to practice this in moderation. If you can add to your savings, you will be very happy with what that money can buy you in the more distant future: Key Date: Taking a look at your finances right now with a professional planner, may be a good idea. There may be ways to make the most of any extra income that is coming your way. The best day this month for serious discussions of this nature comes around November 2nd.

December 2021: As the year ends, you may be feeling the need for some romantic progress in your love life. You are focusing on both the past memories with nostalgia, and also the desire to create future memories with that special someone. Whether you are in a relationship or not, you may be considering the future, and wondering where life is going to take you. Key Date: Around December 8th, expect to feel a need for desires and compassion from your love interest. What he or she does, may surprise you sometimes! But you could use a good surprise this month!

January 2022: Changes around you at work are certainly going on this month! There may be some shifts in power, whether it be behind-the-scenes, or front and center! There can be some corporate changes, or even editing the company roster. As long as you try to adapt, you should be able to dodge the worst of any problems. Key Date: Anticipate that drama in the workplace picks up around January 24th. Try to go with the flow, and you will only gain further respect from your boss. Be sure to not take anyone's side in front of the boss's sight (or earshot!).

February 2022: Work may not feel settled down, just yet. The year is starting out a bit tough, but it does not have to be more than you can handle. Some may be taking advantage of your good nature and burden you with it. There is no need to do other people's jobs for them! Stress is high, so do not forget to take good care of yourself! Key Date: Stress in the workplace is most high around February 11th. You may need to take several time outs in order to get through the challenging day. Some of you may even need to take a day off!

March 2022: You are getting cabin fever (even the homebody of the zodiac needs to leave town sometimes. This is a great time for planning a big trip overseas. Be brave, and see what exotic travel locations are grabbing your interests. If you can take a long break this month, you will come back rejuvenated for months! Key date: Traveling around March 9th is when your luck is highest for the travel sector of life. Take the whole week off (or more!) if you can! Your mind and body will thank you!

April 2022: Your creative talents are at a peak this month, which can benefit your career, hobbies, and self-improvement. Is there a subject you have been wanting to learn more about, or a certain craft? Perhaps you have a list of things you have always wanted to do, but this is the time to stop procrastinating! Pick one topic, and learn all you can about it, to give yourself the best running start! Key Date: Your concentration would be most highest early in the month. So, from April 1st and onward try to give it your all for a new activity while your most mentally and energetically-prepared!

May 2022: You may be feeling left out this month, as there is a risk for trouble within your social circle. If you are the odd one out, while your friends are all still making plans together, you may want to reach out to one of them for clarification. You may have a chance to clear up a rumor or misunderstanding that has been causing some friction within your friend circle. Key Date: You are most vulerable and sensitive to what others are saying about you around May 19th. It may be best to speak up on another day, when you are able to be more emotionally calm.

June 2022: You are attracting more attention in your love life than normal! A surprise new love interest may come out of the blue when least expected. If you are happy and in a relationship, you may have to avoid temptation. If you are single, you have nothing to worry about. Flirt back, and see where this can take you! Key Date: June 25th is when your magnetism and charisma is at its highest point. Expect to get some people's attention this day, whether you mean to or not! :)

Written By Sonya Starr Angel
Sonya has over 20 years of experience using her gifts to provide psychic guidance and advice to her clients. She really cares about her clients and often forms deep relationships with them. A reading with Sonya will give you amazing insights and clarity.
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Specializing in : Tarot Readings | Skills : Astrology / Psychic / Tarot
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