Birthday Horoscope
Happy Birthday, Libra! This is a year where you have high energy and choices to make when it comes to all that life has in store for you! What will you decide to do when it comes to your love and career life? Read on to find out what awaits you this spectacular birthday year!
You are feeling incredibly feisty and frisky when it comes to love this birthday year. The mischievous side of you is coming out to play. The world better look out for you, because your manipulative skills are off the chart, and you can cause a hurricane's worth of destruction if you are in the mood for it. Your friends notice that there is a darkness to your aura this year. You are more focused on the occult or taboo side of life, and it may scare people who are not used to seeing this side of you. We all have a secret side, but your darkness is on full display in the coming months!

For singles, you may be feeling left out when you see your coupled up friends and family members enjoying life together. Watch out for late 2017, where you are facing temptation to let out some private information that could potentially end a serious relationship. Misery loves company, and you are looking for some single friends to party with. You may not be finding the right crowd to associate with when this mentality is taking you over. Instead of burning the world down with you, seek out some new opportunities where you can find unattached companions who you may be more compatible with. Even though being single is depressing right now, make the most of the opportunity to venture out of your comfort zone and meet someone new. When life hands you lemons, make lemonade! It is very likely that you will start a serious relationship in 2018, as long as you stay open-minded.

For couples, your energy is showing up in terms of passion and romance towards your significant other. You are surprising your partner with some new tricks that has them raising their eyebrows at you. Your relationship stands to benefit from your spontaneous behavior. Surprising your loved one with a romantic gift is sure to strengthen your bond with one another. In the first quarter of 2018, you may be tempted by a curious stranger who enters your life. This is a time for chance love connections with intensely sexual overtones. If you do not want to sabotage your pre-existing relationship, dodge the temptation gracefully. There is a chance that the stranger could be vindictive if spurned. Life is more calm as you get later into 2018, as you enter a peaceful time with your companion where you are more increasingly devoted to one another.

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You have a tendency to be a Machiavellian employee this year, much to your co-workers' dismay. Keep yourself in check to ensure that selfish behavior doesn't completely take control of you. Your hidden agendas could get exposed by a rival in the last quarter of 2017. Aim to reach your goals in a way that doesn't annoy the masses at work. Going the extra mile for a colleague (even if it is off the clock) will not easily be forgotten by them. It is not a bad thing for someone to owe you a favor when you are finding yourself in a time of need. Pick and choose your friends carefully at work. You want to create a circle of strong allies, as some hurdles may be scattered in your career path in the coming months. You can leap forward by having co-workers who are also considered comrades.

Even if you are not everyone's favorite employee right now, you are making connections with those who really count in your industry. Networking looks good, especially February through May of 2018. Branch out, and you will meet people who can help your career progress. If you miss your chance for a promotion in 2017, you should be due for a raise, at the very least, by the time your next birthday comes around. Your career path this year is not the most dynamic, but you are laying down the foundation, brick-by-brick, that can help to propel you forward in the years to come. Those with careers in the arts, humanities, education, and social services will benefit most this birthday year.

Financially, you are better off investing instead of spending the rest of the year and for a majority of 2018. Be conservative when it comes to gift-giving, including buying yourself presents when you are feeling low. Spontaneous spending could be your downfall, as all of those quick purchases here and there will add up quickly month after month. Start January 2018 off with some reasonable money goals and resolutions. If you stick to a budget, you should be able to build up your nest egg just in case anything unforeseen should arise. If a friend's destination wedding invitation arrives in the mail, your savings should allow you to be able to afford the trip. This birthday year is not the best for a major purchase, as you may be spreading yourself a little thin.

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October 2017: Romance is in the air this month. Your spontaneous energy has you revved up to do something adventurous. Skip the dinner and movie cliché date, and do something truly unique. A haunted house or an extreme sport (like bungee jumping) will have your date holding onto you for protection. Key Date: Spend the Halloween holiday on October 31st doing something spooky with your love interest. Even if you don't get scared, the laughter will bring you two closer together.

November 2017: This month, it is easy to step on the wrong person's toes at work. Cautiously think before you speak or make any drastic moves. Keep control of any impulsive behavior, and you should be able to survive any major career downfalls. Key Date: November 15th could be a very negative day at work for you. Murphy's Law is in effect, so be extra careful! Your career outlook improves after the mid-point of the month.

December 2017: The stores out there are calling your name. Sales and special deals are all over the place. No matter where you go, you will be itching to spend some money. As long as you shop with moderation, you can satisfy your shopping urges in a practical manner. Key Date: December 22 is a good day to spend some time with a friend who is lonely. Perhaps you can take them shopping with you and kill two birds with one stone!

January 2018: Your focus is on finances for this month. You have a desire to stay on track this year, so that you can make the most of your future investments. Plot out your budget, but leave some margin for error. You are likely to be a little lax in the months to come, so do not be too ambitious when it comes to your budget. Key Date: Get to work on January 1st with setting up your goals for 2018. You have some extra energy when it comes to mental affairs.

February 2018: Family is getting on your nerves a bit. You may want to hide in your bedroom, and not leave the room on some days. Try to talk it out with whoever you are butting heads with. Life is not going to perfectly harmonious at home 100% of the time. Aim to remain neutral if someone wants you to take their side. Key Date: The weekend of February 2nd looks good for spending some time to yourself. Catch up on your favorite TV series or your sleep. Your body could use a little relaxation.

March 2018: You are going to be feeling anxious this month like you are suffering from a bad case of cabin fever. This is a great month to plan a trip to a faraway land. Whether it is a family vacation or a romantic trip for two, you will be glad to take a break from the old routine for a week (or two if you are lucky). Key Date: The week of March 18th is ideal for a vacation. Plan ahead with work so that there are no complications for your extended departure.

April 2018: You are in high demand this month as people are figuratively fighting for your attention. Your romantic partner will be jealous if you keep them on the back burner for too long. Be sure to not overbook your calendar or you could be wiped out halfway through the month. Key Date: April 20th is a day to keep clear on the calendar. Your plans may get thrown out as something unexpectedly ruins your day. It could be something as simple as a flat tire or missed phone call, but be prepared.

May 2018: You are not handling stress very effectively this month. You may need a friend (or two) to lean on. It is okay to ask for help when you need it. Emotional sensitivity is high, so you may feel like crying for no true reason out of the blue. Key Date: The weekend of May 25th gives you a major case of the blues. Your social circle and family can help cheer you up if you call the right people for the job.

June 2018: Work is going really well for you this month. If all goes extremely well, your employer will acknowledge your accomplishments with more than just a pat on the back. Congrats on a job well done! Key Date: June 21 is the change of the season. Life feels balanced and all is in (relative) order. You are in a great mood today!

July 2018: The timing is right for extending the family by a member. You may have a partner or child approach you about the purchase of a pet. You will find the experience most rewarding if you are able to adopt. Do your research to ensure that you get the pet that is right for your family's schedule. In addition, surprise pregnancies are likely this month so be prepared! Key Date: July 1st is a day of stress and low energy. Take care of yourself, and try not to overschedule your activities for the day.

August 2018: Romance is looking good for the month of August. You may have several options when it comes to those who are catching your eye. Make sure to do a little background checking on your dating candidates. One may come with some emotional baggage that you are not ready to handle. Key Date: August 11th's solar eclipse has your equilibrium off balance. There is something unjust going on in your circle of friends and you can't keep your mouth shut about it. Try to handle the situation as gracefully as possible.

September 2018: Work is dragging you down, so it is time to play a little before you have a meltdown. Go ahead and make sure you take a vacation day or two to stay sane. A road trip or a weekend getaway is important right now. It will help to restore your energy reserves. Key Date: The weekend of September 7th is the most ideal for travel plans. Enjoy your break and have fun!

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