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Secrets to the Heart of a Libra Man

Loves and is Loved

With Venus as his ruling planet, you’ll rarely see these Libra’s single. With the likes of Will Smith and Matt Damon among its ranks, these are men who love to love and be loved in turn. Sweet, sensitive and willing to go the extra mile. The Libra man is one to watch.

Positive, Loyal and True – The Libra Man Personality

Libra men aren’t known for having bad reputations. You don’t hear a lot of gossip around them either. Truth is that they are generally known as peacemakers. They can take the lead when called to do so but prefer blending in until they know for sure that they won’t be embarrassed. They are not risk takers and are also notoriously shy at first.

Loyalty is a trait that defines this sign.

They expect it in return. Any sign of disloyalty to them is something that will trigger a lot of space and it’s hard to get it back. You can expect nothing but honesty from the Libra man. He’s not one to lie or hide anything. He lives by his word and his reputation. That has the side effect of keeping him in check. Honesty is another strong trait that you will find with them. Like it or not, you are going to hear an honest opinion every single time - whether or not you appreciate it is another matter. Get used to if you plan on making this last.

He’s not without risks

Even a Libra man with perfectly divided scales can be prone to being pushed over the edge. They can be driven to extreme anger and frustration when faced with what they perceive is extreme unfairness. If they feel that they have been cheated on or hurt on purpose, they are the last sign that you want to have around. His loving nature and disposition can just as quickly reverse 180 degrees. This can lead to a conversation that both of you will wish that you could forget. It can lead to a complete change in the relationship dynamic.

The Libra man is also a sucker for attention - not just any attention. But the one on one kind of attention that you get from a best friend or lover. A line that can be easily confused for them. This makes it easy for them to fall in love, often! It can take the Libra man years of trial and error to even become aware of it and then learn to manage their feelings.

libra men in love

Balance in all things

There is no escaping it, Libras require balance. The Libra man seeks it out just as much as his female counterparts do, that’s what makes the Libra man traits shine so bright. Justice and fairness are so important to him. What may seem fair to you, may not seem fair to him. If he seems nitpicky or obsessive about a situation, event or detail, I wouldn’t suggest trying to talk him out of it. It’s best to roll with it early on and work out the finer details about what is worth balancing out and what is not, later on. You’ll find that more often than not, that he’s usually right. It can make him look inflexible early on though. Working around this wrinkle can open the door to a wealth of happiness and a sense of security like nothing else that you have ever felt before.

Irresistible Charm meets the Perfect Smile

When the Libra man has his sights set on you, you’ll be hard pressed to resist. He has a natural born charm about him that is impossible to ignore when in his presence. And that is what it is, a presence about him that draws you in and makes you ever more curious. The Libra man in love has a comfortable energy that puts you at ease just being around him. Then there is that smile, it melts away your defenses. His heart shines through his eyes as his peers into your own.

At his core, he is pure love.

He can be more Angel than human. He’s a rare and beautiful soul amongst many generic ones. There is a greater capacity for feminine energy within him. So there is a definite softer side to him than most men. But, he’s still very much male. You won’t find an inner conflict in this man about his opposite components. His inner self is always in balance. It’s the outer self, the relationships and the details that he doesn’t always get right. He never stops trying though.

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