Birthday Horoscope
Happy Birthday, Libra! You are the center of attention when it comes to love this year. Your career path also has some exciting news in store. Will you get that promotion or raise you have been hoping for? Read on to find out what awaits you this exciting birthday year!
This birthday year you are all about what benefits YOU the most. This has its benefits and also its drawbacks. For one, you will be seeing that you can attain what you want from others more easily than ever. Your charisma is very high in the coming months, which will help you get close to attractive new acquaintances that you encounter. One negative side to your attitude this year is that it will be harder to build a relationship that is based on substance. You may see infatuations crumble as soon as any conflict arises. You are very focused on love-related matters this year, so your friends and family may not be seeing you as much as they are used to.

Single Libras experience the most thrills this year when it comes to romance. You are likely to have multiple dating partners over the course of the year. Although you are not finding someone that really "wows" you, you are having a lot of dating adventures that keep you busy. There are stories that you will be sharing with friends that some may find unbelievable. Your sexual energy is off the charts this year, which can aid you in your dating conquests. You are once again the heartbreaker, as you refrain from settling down for less then you feel you deserve.

Attached Libras are in store for a much less wild year than their single counterparts. The energy that you have devoted to your love life can be put to productive means. Your partner is likely to be stressing you with hints that they want things to rise to the next level. Are you truly ready to take the plunge? You may succumb to pressure and find yourself fantasizing about your dream wedding. Have these conversations with your partner, for they will be all ears. The best timing for next steps in your relationship start in the 2nd quarter of 2019. Aim to plan for a wedding or proposal around this time for the most love-related luck and good fortune.

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Your career path is on a fairly positive track this year. You find yourself more motivated to get the job done. The time you spend on task will be helpful in allowing you to get the promotion that you have been wondering about for so long. At this point you may settle for a raise, but you know you deserve more than just that. It is safe to say that you will be impressing some of your fellow employees this birthday year. Some may even turn to you for help. Play the role of a supportive mentor for this may help you in your career path in the years to come. An important individual will not forget your help when they needed it most from you.

While you are due for a promotion and/or raise, you may also be due for a little self-improvement. Your energy is high enough for you to focus on two career-related projects at once. You may want to do some additional job training or career-related certification. Succeeding at this will not only boost your ego, but will also make you a more versatile employee down the road. While you have the time, it is ideal to plan ahead for your future. Those who are employed in manufacturing, retail, and management industries will benefit the most in their careers this birthday year.

Financially, you are dying to make a big purchase. You have been wanting to relocate to a better home for awhile now. Others have been wanting to upgrade to a better vehicle. No matter what you are lusting for, it is a great time to spend some money on something practical. Use common sense, and you are sure to be thrilled with your purchase in the years to come. Start planning for major purchases before the end of 2018. It may require some time and research to ensure that your money is being spent wisely. Buying a new home or vehicle is a productive way to spend your money this birthday year.

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October 2018: You may clash with a key employee at work this month. If it is your boss, make sure you suck it up and try to smooth things over quickly. You don't want to leave your boss with any bad impressions of you. Key Date: October 25th will have people at work on edge. You will want to lay low to avoid getting in the middle of the crossfire. Don't stress too much because the friction should calm down quickly.

November 2018: A wonderful month filled with love and romance awaits you. Your partner is more affection than usual. Even singles are finding it is a lucky month for love. You are surprised by the extra attention you are getting. You could get used to this! Key Date: November 1st is a wonderful day for romance. Your partner would love to spend some extra time with you.

December 2018: The holiday season is a bit stressful. There is a lot on your to-do list this month. Staying organized will help you immensely. You may experience a sigh of relief when the month ends. You are looking forward for life to go back to normal. Key Date: December 31st is sure to be a night to remember. You may get caught up in a spontaneous adventure. Just roll with it!

January 2019: Are you ready for some rest and relaxation? You may want to plan for a big vacation this month. You could use a break from work and life in general. The longer you can stay out of work, the better. Key Date: Traveling looks the best for dates around January 9th. You will find that you are in good spirits and even your energy will adapt to a new time zone more easily.

February 2019: Work is a little hard to deal with this month. You are already planning for your next vacation. You may want to take a personal day or call in sick to work if you can get away with it. Everyone does it from time to time! Key Date: On February 14th, you can enjoy a special Valentine's Day with your love interest. They are likely to want to do something fancy. You will enjoy the date, even if it is not exactly your style.

March 2019: A misunderstanding will impact you and your social circle. A friend may become your enemy for the time-being. Miscommunication is likely to be the root cause for this. Try to have a conversation with your closed-off friend when the tension dies. Key Date: Misunderstandings will occur around March 3rd more frequently. Proactively try to avoid them, and you will be better off than others who are stuck squabbling over absolutely nothing important.

April 2019: Stress is boggling you down this month. You are not sure where the low energy is coming from either. You may want to work on your health needs or self-improvement this month. The rundown energy should pass if you take good care of yourself. Key Date: You are likely to run into someone you have a crush on in public around April 12th. Don't do anything silly or else you risk making a spectacle of yourself. If you hide behind a shopping cart, you are sure to get busted.

May 2019: People are getting on your last nerve this month. At work, you may want to bite someone's head off if they look at you wrong. The tension will pass, so keep yourself in check. You don't want to deal with any nasty repercussions. Key Date: Your stress levels are highest on days around May 29th. Take it easy, and be sure to monitor your blood pressure levels. Work will be getting better for you very soon.

June 2019: A family member will want your time and attention this month. It is likely to be an older relative who needs your help. You are sure to do the right thing. Make them feel valued and appreciated. Key Date: June 21st is the change of the season. Reflect on what you appreciate the most in life. Let those people know how much you care for them. Your memories are especially vivid today.

July 2019: You are up for spending a little money this month. You may want to take a big risk, but be cautious. Don't gamble away your last penny, or you will be hating yourself for a long-time to come. Seek financial advice if you are feeling stuck. An older relative may be a good person to turn to. Key Date: Your luck is at rock bottom around July 19th. If you are feeling like risking some cash this month, avoid doing it particularly on this today's date.

August 2019: Your love interest and you are thinking about taking next steps with one another. You may be feeling nervous, but this is perfectly normal. Take your time to ease into the idea. If you are not 100% sure, then it is time to move forward and seek greener pastures. Key Date: August 4th is the best day of the month for love. Dating and romance are highly encouraged. You and your love interest are sure to get along famously this day. Take some pictures!

September 2019: You may feel like joining a new club or starting a new hobby this month. This will allow you to meet some new friends who will quickly become close with you. This is a great time to expand your social circle with some worthy new additions. The more the merrier! Key Date: You are at your most adventurous around September 23rd. You may feel like doing something wild. As long as you use safety precautions and common sense, you are likely to have a blast.

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