Birthday Horoscope
Happy Birthday, Pisces! It looks like you are in store for a busy year of major accomplishments. You truly are going places, in both your love life and work ventures. Read on to find out what is coming your way this exciting birthday year!
You start out your birthday year with your head out of the clouds for a change. Instead of daydreaming about what you wish you had, you are actually taking action to reach your goals. The years of pondering about your dream lover have come to a close. Whatever it is that you decided that you want out of love, you are going to go after it. Usually your vivid fantasy life fills in the gaps of your love life. This year you are finding the motivation to take action to attain your love and relationship goals. Your main objectives will vary depending on whether you are currently single or attached to someone else.

Single Pisces are not taking a backseat, nor are they settling for whoever happens to stumble their way. Your standards are higher than ever because you are actually inspired to now look with purpose for Mr. or Ms. Right. In the coming months, expect to go on more dates than you may have had in the past several years combined. You are screening through the lucky suitors who have your attention, while it lasts. You are feeling quite fickle, so be sure not to write anyone off prematurely. You may not be in the mood for second chances, but don't get hung up on anything too superficial. You are normally not materialistic, so don't let yourself put too much pressure on any of your more modest-spending lovers. That is not your style, plus you do not want to have regrets next year about the one who you let get away. Finally, be wary of an ex who just cannot accept closure and let you go. It is in your best interest to seek out new fish in the sea.

Attached Pisces are not letting the love world pass them by either this year. There is something you do not like about your current partner, and it is more on your mind than ever before. Before this flaw becomes fatal, decide for yourself if it is truly unforgivable or not. Think carefully before you give your partner the final axe. If you do make the decision that it is not going to work out, then cut your losses as soon as possible. Do not let another year drag on pining for the person of your dreams. This is the year to reach for the stars, instead of just admiring how they look from a distance. You could be happily settled with your dream date by the end of your birthday year if you revamp your love life sooner rather than later. If you instead decide to make things work with your current partner, than now is the time to focus on communication and honesty. You two will have to work together in order to get past any incompatibility issues. These issues may have started weeks or years ago, but it will be up to you to straighten the relationship out. Don't assume that you are flawless. You may be surprised to find out your own vices or habits are driving your better half crazy. Active listening and positive communication are the tools to help salvage your relationship issues.

With all of the energy spent on your love life this year, you may be shocked to hear it is a demanding year for your work life, as well. Yes, you are burning the candle at both ends in the year to come, so anticipate a lot of sleepless nights in your future. It is an unusual year for you because Saturn is forcing you to be more mature and devoted to your career path. It is time to get serious. Get off the fence and pick a direction to make tracks on. You may even want to go back to school or seek out additional training. You will cover a lot of ground thanks to motivation, luck, and dedication to your pursuits. A year from now you will be ready to catch up on your rest and to go at your atypical slow pace for a month or five.

You will find it best if you can work independently this year. Choose solo projects versus team projects in the months to come. You will do some of your best work yourself, if you are not having to push other people to work at your awakened extraordinary pace. In addition, you may find that you are not as cheerful and fun to be around as you normally are. Hard work and little sleep will make you moodier and crankier. Avoid any social faux pas by planning to do your best work alone. Mind your memos carefully because misunderstandings could pop up unexpectedly. If you get the opportunity for business travel this year, leap at the chance. Traveling will help to break up the career life monotony, and luck will be on your side with business-related travels.

Finances look to be solid, as your hard work will have its payoffs and rewards. Anticipate that your bank account will grow as you have less free time to spend your earnings. When you do get moments to yourself, dream about how to spend that money in the most productive way possible to help you in the years to come. When you feel yourself approaching a break down and you want to impulse buy a sports car, set that idea on the shelf for a week and come back to it before you spontaneously throw away your hard-earned cash on a whim. It is not the best year to make a major purchase, but it is a good year to put your nose to the grindstone as you potentially are more productive now than any other point of your life in the last decade or so.

March 2017: This is a month where you start to see a busy turning point at work. Expect to be taking your work home with you and putting in more hours at the office. Your finances begin to blossom thanks to your new routines. Key Date: March 6th is a good date to evaluate your career goals. What do you want to accomplish in the coming months? Develop career plans to put into action.

April 2017: You may be feeling the ill-effects of stress as your body attempts to adjust to the increased workload. On top of it, problems with relationships seem to be stacking up this month. Do not be afraid to be assertive with a needy friend who knows no boundaries. Key Date: Take the weekend of April 14th off for some rest and relaxation. Spend time by yourself or with only one other person to avoid social or work-related drama.

May 2017: Expect some surprises from family members this month. A bombshell may be dropped and a secret may be revealed. Keep your lips sealed so that you make no enemies. On top of all this, your emotions are swinging from day-to-day. Avoid impulsive decision-making. Key Date: May 30th could be chaotic, but you can avoid many problems by being proactive. Keep an extra dress shirt handy and double-check that you have enough gas in the car.

June 2017: Relationship matters have your full attention this month. Singles should expect a lot of exciting dates on the calendar. Couples should expect passion and fire behind closed doors. It is a great month for intimacy with your special someone. Key Date: June 21 is the change of the season. This is one of your best days for romance this year, so be sure to take advantage of it!

July 2017: Romance is cooled down a little as you begin to focus on self-related matters. You may be wanting to work on self-improvement by joining a gym or focusing on healthy new hobbies. Your free time is limited so be sure to not spread yourself to thin. Key Date: The weekend of the 1st may have you feeling a little socially withdrawn. Try to plan any parties or big events for later in the month when you are feeling back to your normal self.

August 2017: Mercury Retrograde could cause some speed bumps this month. Be prepared for Murphy's Law to be in full effect. Something may break and need to be replaced or repaired. A sacrifice may need to be made because the bill will be costly. Key Date: August 21st's solar eclipse has big plans for you. Your visions and ideas are being taken seriously at work. Expect to see some dramatic changes around the office that you helped to create.

September 2017: You are on top of the world this month! Everything is going a little too smoothly. Enjoy the peace while it lasts on both the home-front and at the workplace. Compliments are coming your way, while complaints are kept to a minimum. If only every month could go this well. Key Date: The week of September 17th is a great week to plan for a presentation or serious talk with someone. Your communication skills and charisma are peaking at this time. The odds are in your favor for everything to go your way.

October 2017: You are still glowing from the previous month. You are sharing good vibes with those who cross your path. No one is about to rain on your parade. Negative people are not getting through to you right now and that is a very good thing. Key Date: October 21-22 show activity for the romance and intimacy sectors of life. Plan a special date night or weekend trip with your love interest, and you will have no regrets.

November 2017: Think before you speak this month. There is some bad potential for a simple misunderstanding to snowball into a monstrous avalanche in your life. It seems that your work life may be spared at the expense of your social life. A family member thinks you are picking sides, when all you really want is the best for everyone. Key Date: Plan to say "I am sorry" around the 12th. It will help you to avoid a major battle, even if you do not mean it and did nothing wrong.

December 2017: There is a lot to celebrate by the end of 2017. You have been productive at work and you are working to get your love life together. Family and friends are enjoying your generous spirit and holiday cheer. Take a few days off this month to enjoy the season. Key Date: December 10th has you wanting to go on a shopping spree. Make sure you stick to your budget so you don't have any buyer's remorse when the holidays are over.

January 2018: The year starts out on a positive note. Your boss publicly gives you accolades. You may even catch word of a promotion coming your way. Keep in mind that you are being monitored at work when you feel like slacking. Friends are waiting to hear from you, so do not forget about them. You are not a fair-weather friend. Key Date: January 18th is a good day to spend with friends. Have a game night or movie night at your home. There is guaranteed to be a lot of laughs and good times.

February 2018: You may have some conflict with your partner this month. You are feeling more solitary and confrontational than usual. The feeling should pass by around Valentine's Day. This is a great month for travel and vacations. If you can take your family, do so. This is a good month for making memories that will last a lifetime. Key Date: February 26th's Solar Eclipse in Pisces has you feeling emotionally stir crazy. You may feel like screaming at someone who looks at you the wrong way. Take the day off from work and play hooky.

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