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Winning the Heart of a Pisces Man

He's caught your attention and you've caught his. What happens now? Does he remind you of Justin Bieber or is he more of an Adam Levine? There's Bruce Willis, Jon Hamm and of course Albert Einstein too. A lover, entertainer and one of the sharpest most creative men you'll ever meet.

Lover and Best Friend

His emotional range is off the charts. He will and does understand you in a way that most men can't. He's not a macho man. He's not hard to talk to. He'll hold your hand anytime. He'll forever put you first. There is no denying where your place is with him. He wants to adore you and wants to be adored by you too.

You can share anything with him. You can take as long as you need to share too. Multi-hour phone marathons aren't out of the question with him. In him, you'll find a best friend, a confidante and a man who can swim with you to the depths of your emotional ocean.

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He's the first to put himself out there for you. He will look for ways to help. He won't say no to you. In fact, you may have to pace yourself with demands. He's not known to refuse requests. If you ask for an hour, you'll get two.

Movie nights at home or catching a chick flick is right up his alley. Documentaries, love stories, heartfelt dramas, anything with meaning is important to him. Sentimentality is not only tolerated but encouraged!

Goldfish or Shark?

Now, let's be clear. The Pisces man can seem soft and sensitive early on in life. As they mature, there is a lot more emphasis on displaying their manliness and strength. There are some who get lost in trying to prove their worth as men (I'm talking to you, Chuck Norris!) But you can still see the softness in their eyes. So you may find yourself dealing with one who hasn't yet learned to find balance yet. They can be macho at times but they are still at their core, sensitive and emotional beings.

How to Attract a Pisces Man

You have to be able to take the lead in a relationship with him. You have to be more decisive than he is. You don't mind making difficult decisions and taking a leadership role in your lives.

He's not one to mind if you make more than him. He's happy for your success while focusing on his own. He'll be fine if you introduce him as your husband, the high school teacher, and you, a VP of marketing. He is flexible in ways that other signs like a Scorpio or Capricorn just could never be.

He is loyal. He tends to keep the same friends, job and partner for life. He's committed when in a relationship. He is not prone to cheating. He's not someone who you have to watch. He'll be too close for you to ever worry. Loyalty is something that he lives by.

Dating a Pisces man: up and down and up again!

Being a fish, he's going to do some emotional deep sea diving. And he's going to do it often. His moods WILL shift. Sometimes without any warning.

Stress is something that he struggles to cope with. Anxiety and depression can be constants in his life. This is not the man who needs space and time to figure things out. He's not a cave dweller. He wants the attention. Demands it even! Get used to talking him out of his moods, his suspicions and his bad days. More often than not, he just needs attention and affection.

Nothing like love to heal the heart and mind of a Pisces man.

Navigating through those ups and downs will be the key to success for both of you. He's not the man that you give time and space, as you would to others. When he's the most silent is when you need to be the loudest. Talking things out with him beats silence any day. You don't want to try the silent treatment with him. He'll outlast you every time.

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Feelings, Feelings and more FEELINGS

The Piscean male is a FEELER. He FEELS everything and then more. There are a million ways that most other signs will ignore or miss out on subtle cues that you give off or try to convey. You can rest assured that the Pisces man won't miss a thing.

He's keenly aware of your feelings and moods, especially where it relates to him.

He'll know if you aren't happy with him before you may be completely aware of it. Get used to it. He's a natural born psychic. So he'll pick up on things quickly.

This is a man whose emotional security and stability is closely tied to how you feel about him. He has little tolerance for instability in a relationship. He needs the consistency and security.

He's willing to do just about whatever it takes to keep the relationship stable.

He's more than willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of what is best for the relationship. Be careful, it's not uncommon for him to bury his needs and wants to keep and make YOU happy. It's up to you to make sure that he doesn't overdo it.

Whether he's Jon Bon Jovi or Albert Einstein. Your Pisces man is unique. With potential that you will not find in any other sign. He's a nurturing, loving, a nester and a stay at home dad. The man who will do anything and everything for you as long as he knows his heart has a safe place to go to. It's hard to go wrong with a Pisces male in love.

What sign is compatible with Pisces?

The best match for a Pisces male is a bossy know-it-all Taurus or a sweet and emotional Cancer. There is a lot of play and give with other signs. Pisceans can do equally well with a doting Virgo or even Leo. Gemini may find it difficult to keep any kind of balance with him as his moods will conflict with hers. In some situations, even the wise Sagittarius can be happy with him.

Remember, he's a romantic, a dreamer, often psychic and a GREAT lover!

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Characteristics of Pisces Man and YOU

Tired of the same macho attitude? HE'S YOUR MAN.
Fed up of one dimensional thinking? HE'S YOUR MAN
You need someone who understands you on a deeper level? HE'S YOUR MAN
If you need someone who won't have a problem with you being a decisive and strong woman, again HE IS YOUR MAN
And a great man at that!

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