Birthday Horoscope
Happy Birthday, Pisces! This is going to be a year a bit of an emotional roller coaster, but there are plenty of positive moments that will bring you joy. Love and work sectors of life have some exciting twists in store. Read on to find out what awaits you this wonderful birthday year!
Brace yourself! There are quite a few emotional ups and downs that are coming up around the corner. Whether you are single, or in a relationship, you may experience some demanding trials and tribulations when it comes to your love life this year. There is a chance for loneliness and/or a sense of rejection that you will be facing before the mid-point of 2018. While you may be in a depressive state for a while, you will be rebounding by September. Anticipate that the end of 2018 will bring you a triumph that can be compared to winning the "lottery of love." If you can't guess, it is a bit of a roller coaster of a year!

To elaborate, singles should be on the lookout for someone striking that they fall hard and fast for early on in the year. Unfortunately, this crush of yours will be someone who is out of your reach. There is a fatal flaw involved, such as perhaps this special someone is married or not looking to be in a relationship right now. Your heart doesn't care about practicality, so you may be experiencing some grief over this lost chance at love. Your social life may temporarily sour, as your moodiness is too much to handle for even your closest friends. Don't stress too much, for you will be ending the year on a fantastic note. Someone who IS attainable will catch your eye. There will be mutual interest, and this charming person will have you forgetting all about "What's his (or her) face?"

Those who are in relationships have their own roller coaster to ride. The birthday year starts you out with a case of the blues. You aren't feeling any birthday magic this year, and are feeling left out and forgotten by your friends. Even your partner is not paying you much special attention these days. Your loneliness may reach a peak in March, where you are feeling anxious and insecure. Your confidence bounces back in the second half of the year. Travels with your partner are recommended, as a vacation together will help you get out of the slump and negative mood that you have been trapped in. Your partner loves you, so find ways to convince yourself that the bad times are only temporary. The highs and lows you are experience are part of the cycle of life.

Overall, your career path is progressing over the next year. Have you been waiting for a raise or promotion? It should not be much longer; the finish line is in sight. You may have to make a transition into a new position. There is more work that is being dumped on your "to-do" pile. If you can keep up, your superiors have big things in store for you. How you handle the tasks that you complete in the coming months will speak volumes about your character and work ethic. You may feel your ears burning because people are talking about you when you are not in the room--in a good way.

Don't let your daydreams hold you back. You may be second-guessing yourself in the 2nd quarter of 2018. Now is not the time for negativity. We all know the cliché saying about "how the grass is greener on the other side." This birthday year is not the best for making major changes from the path you are on. If you truly can't take your current job a moment longer, decide very carefully before you hand in your notice. Your next job might not be as great as you think it is. Those who work in business, finance, and computer science related industries will benefit most this birthday year.

Finances are going to test you. Although you wish it were raining money, expenses and bills seem to come out of the sky this year instead. Murphy's law is in effect-- if something will break, it can. Preventive measures now can save you a ton of money in the future. Check around your home and car to make sure that everything is in order. Some things, like the weather and bad drivers, are out of your control. Hopefully your insurance policy is up-to-date. The good news is that your career path is keeping up with the expenditures. Savings, insurance, and maintenance work are worthy ways to allocate your funds this birthday year.

March 2018: Stress could be causing you to experience some nasty side effects this month. If you are having trouble sleeping or other issues, you may want to see a professional before it gets out of hand. Your health is a priority! Key Date: Try to cut out a bad habit from your life starting around March 1st. If you can stick with this for a month, you will have a healthier lifestyle in place for the rest of your birthday year!

April 2018: Family is on your mind right now. There is someone that you miss dearly, and memories of them are on your mind lately. Visit an older relative when you have the time. They would love to see you. Key Date: April 21st is a great day to spend with family. Take your loved ones to a special outing that you can enjoy together as a cohesive family unit. Take some group pictures.

May 2018: Things are going well at work, almost too well. No one has complained lately and the drama is at a minimum. Enjoy the peace while it lasts. Be productive and take advantage of the positive vibes. Your intuition will guide you to impressing your superiors. Key Date: Use May 15th to prepare for the future of your career path. Being proactive and insightful will help you skip some work-related potholes on life's journey around this date.

June 2018: You could use your friends right now, whether you know it or not. You are just not feeling yourself. Some time with them will be entertaining, and will help you get your mind off any of your troubles. No matter what your age is, an adventure with friends can make some fun, new memories for your mind's collection. Key Date: June 21st is the change of the season. A road trip out of town with friends is ideal, but if not possible, even a movie night or dinner can be full of laughter.

July 2018: You can't please everyone, all of the time. Watch out for some work-related issues with a co-worker. Even if you don't think you are wrong, you might want to not sweat the small stuff. Pick and choose your battles. It is just not worth the stress. Key Date: : Be forewarned that July 23rd could be highly stressful. Expect many demands and interruptions from needy co-workers or clients as you try to focus on your work.

August 2018: This could be an expensive month for you. If you have been keeping up with home and car maintenance then you may avoid some costly repairs. Bad luck might still deliver you an unexpected bill. Watch your spending this month, as you could get hit hard at the end of the month. Key Date: August 11th's solar eclipse will make you emotional in your conversations. Think before you speak so that you don't end up in a fight with someone inadvertently.

September 2018: Someone important is entering your life this month. It could be the return of an extended family member, or it could even be the start of something romantic with someone new. Keep your eyes and ears open for a positive person coming to your life who can make a difference. Key Date: September 2nd marks a time where your luck is at a peak. You may want to take a small risk just for fun (i.e., buy a lottery ticket).

October 2018: Feeling sick of work and the daily routine? Your body and spirit are ready for a vacation. Work as little as possible this month to regain your energy. The busy and hectic holiday season will be here quickly. Key Date: The week of October 7th is a great time for an extended vacation. Try to find a place that is peaceful where you can relax on the beach and enjoy the sounds of the ocean.

November 2019: This is an important month for your love life. You are wanting to take some next steps with your love interest. It is a good month to become "official" or to pop the question! The more time you two spend together, the better. Your connection is greatly improving. Key Date: November 20th is looking good for a romantic evening with your partner. Go some place fancy early in the night, and some place more casual later on for the best of both worlds. It is sure to be an enjoyable night.

December 2019: You are focused on holiday planning this month. You aspire to make the celebrations go as smoothly as possible for your family and loved ones. Try not to get too frazzled as you aim to have a picture-perfect holiday season. Take time to enjoy the moment for yourself. Key Date: December 10th is a good day to take a break from the holiday fuss. Shop online for a gift for you, or visit a spa to give yourself a holiday treat that you deserve.

January 2019: You start 2019 off in high spirits. You have energy and plans that you want to set in motion. 2018 was not a bad year, but you have ideas that can make 2019 even better. Implement your plans as soon as you can get to them! Key Date: January 5th is a great day to talk to a boss about your future career aspirations. You may get some great advice this day, so be sure to take notes.

February 2019: You are feeling more impulsive then usual this month. Your friends may be wondering what is going on with you. Emotional decisions may end up having some unfortunate consequences. As long as you think of the long-term effects of any big decisions you make this month, you will come out ahead in the end. Key Date: February 9th has you feeling too stressed for your own good. If anyone is on your bad side, they will be sure to find out before the day is over with. Shaken bottles explode, and so can you!

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