Birthday Horoscope
Happy Birthday, Pisces! Your 2022 is going to be a really great year, full of positive changes, chapters closing in favour of new, exciting adventures beginning. A year filled with the desire to find your right path awaits you: read on to find out what awaits you this wonderful birthday year!
For many of you, 2021 was a critical year in love, some relationships got complicated, others faced moments of crisis. 2022 is off to a great start with the powerful energies of Jupiter which will have a positive transit in your sign. There will be no shortage of emotions throughout the year, and you will feel the desire to let go and experience love with all of yourself. Those who have recently ended an important relationship will have the opportunity to restart and learn to trust love again.

For singles, the first part of the year will be an important time, full of opportunities to meet people and experience unique and interesting situations. The best month will be April, with Venus and Jupiter in the sign that will bring passion, special meetings and also new love relationships with long-term potential. Summer will also be a positive period, for some of you there will also be interesting returns from the past. Emotions and desire to love will be many, so be careful with ambiguous situations, you may find yourself with more than a person in love with you who feel deluded by your attentions.

Those who are in a relationship will have a chance to work on those sides of the relationship that have brought problems, especially during the first part of the year. Strong couples will be able to start thinking about building a family and a future together. Important and exciting proposals from the person you love will arrive in April, with Mars and Venus on your side. Summer will bring a desire for fun and lighthearted experiences, watch out for discussions about summer vacations. September will be a slower month, with the possibility of break-ups in weak relationships and in all ambiguous situations where there are third parties involved. It will be an opportunity to choose to make the right choice for yourself and your future. Those who will face a separation, can count on the strong and renewing energies of Mercury that will be favorable at the end of the year.

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2022 will bring many opportunities for improvement especially in the financial arena. Not only regarding finances, but also career and personal growth will have a very positive period starting from the spring. Many of you will be able to find the right motivation to focus their efforts in ambitious projects, will find the desire to get involved and take risks. The first two quarters of the year will bring great opportunities at work, both possible new contracts and excellent new partnerships, under the protection of a very favorable Jupiter. The projects that will begin in this period will soon bring results that will encourage you not to give up even during slower phases.

As far as finances are concerned, the first part of the year will already bring great improvements with opportunities to build new and lasting financial income. When you feel confident about yourself and your abilities, you will be able to work better, to follow a strict schedule and, therefore, to achieve concrete results. Beware during the summer period, especially August, where you may have to face many expenses, so prepare for this possibility by saving some money beforehand. Chat now for personal insights for your career »
February 2022 A special February with the Sun in your sign towards the latter part of the month, which will favor creative energies at work and unexpected positive changes. Love will be great, especially for those who live in important relationships that will be formalized with marriage proposals or moving house together. The singles will have the opportunity to experience temporary flings, but exciting and full of passion.

March 2022:Spring is approaching and with it your best time of year, filled with exciting adventures and desired changes. March will be important for both career and social life. With Jupiter and Mercury in your favor, you will feel the desire to express your creativity and your value, by sharing new projects that will be much appreciated. Some of you will also receive a raise or long-awaited recognition. Singles will feel spring coming and will feel themselves blooming like flowers, full of energy and desire to fall in love. The opportunities to fall in love will not lack for sure!

April 2022: April will be your best month of the year, with so many planets in your favor - Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune, Mars and even Venus! This is the right time to take risks especially in your career and passions. Those of you who have always dreamed of realizing an ambitious project can definitely think of doing it now, with a bit of luck and these fantastic energies, everything will be possible. Meetings with very special people for singles and a very positive period for couples. Especially the last part of the month will give emotions that you will remember for a long time. Those who have experienced complex and ambiguous situations, can finally get clarity and straight forward answers.

May 2022: Spring continues to be a really positive time for you. May will have the powerful energies of Mars on your side, which will bring you luck especially in legal and bureaucratic matters. Those who work in the artistic field will also be favored, this phase will be very creative. In love, reconciliations and returns from the past will be favored, there will be special meetings with old loves. Also favor the social life, new friends and excellent opportunities for synergies. Be careful not to overdo it, between work and new projects and social life, you may feel a little stressed.

June 2022: June remains favourable for work life and personal growth. Many of you who have started adventures, even risky and especially ambitious, will begin to see some results. Attention to the financial situation, especially during the first phase of June, there could be sudden expenses and setbacks. For what concern love, the period is still particularly positive, with Venus in your favor, the emotions will be many, especially for singles. Couples, especially those of long-standing, may experience minor tensions that will be overcome peacefully. Those who are waiting for an answer or clarity from the loved one, will have an important signal that will help them to make clarity within themselves.

July 2022: July will bring satisfaction in the working environment, many of you will be able to emerge and show their value. There will be some changes that may scare you but will be positive in the long run: be brave and do not let fear slow you down. Love is a little slower, there will be arguments with your partner even for trivial matters. Beware of new encounters that start with ambiguous or unclear situations, better not to compromise. The last part of the month will be much better both for couples and for people looking for new love.

August 2022: August will be a slower month, with Mercury in opposition that will bring some tension at work and some small legal or bureaucratic problems. Beware of tensions between colleagues at work, try not to impose your perspective at all costs but encourage constructive dialogue. Love will live a particularly positive moment, both for couples and for those who are looking for the right person. There could also be some definitive breakups in those situations that have been dragged for too long, without strong feelings. It's the perfect time to make the right choice and prioritize your happiness.

September 2022: September will be a difficult month, with some unfavorable planets in your sign that will bring tension and melancholy. Beware of clashes at work, if you do not feel understood or recognized, try to focus on your goals and values. Mars and Mercury dissonant will bring huge conflicts in love, some will face separations that will bring suffering. Relationships that end were already fragile, so there will be breakups that will hurt but will allow you to embrace positive changes. Singles will live a very slow moment, beware of people who show themselves for what they are not, lying and playing games.

October 2022: October is off to a slow start but definitely better than September. Work life proceeds with balance, still some misunderstandings at work, due to a not very favorable Mars that brings some minor stressful situations. Delays in legal practices could create some anxiety, but everything will be resolved in a few weeks. October brings peace and serenity also in love, those who have gone through complicated situations in the last month, can recover and live a moment of happiness with their partner. Also for singles, news are coming, especially in the last week of the month with Venus and Sun in your sign. New special connections will arrive in your life in a very unexpected way, bringing desire for change and fall in love again.

November 2022: November is off to a great start especially when it comes to love. Some of you will experience a loving moment with a very special person who has recently arrived in your life. Do not let your fears slow you down, love can be scary but fear is an emotion of life that should not stop us but spur us to live in the present. There could be some difficult moments towards the last part of the month for couples and families who are facing important situations, such as removals or radical changes. Be careful not to make hasty decisions dictated by stress and fear.

December 2022: The end of the year brings some minor problems at work and in personal projects. Dissonant Mars could cause some nervousness and impatience, some situations proceed slowly while you would like to see results right away. The first part of the month will bring some misunderstandings in the family and with friends: too many things to do, decisions to be made and differences of opinion. The end of the month is definitely better, with a special Venus that will bring unique emotions for those who decide to open up to love again. A loved one may return from the past with a desire for reconciliation.

January 2023: 2023 will start a little slow but it will be an important year for you, full of great changes and personal satisfactions. The first part of the month proceeds quietly, without big news, in some ways even a little bit boring. The last part of the month instead, is marked by a particularly favorable Venus that will bring passions and unexpected encounters. Longtime couples will begin to think about future plans together, finally the much desired marriage proposal could arrive.

February 2023: February will be a great month for career and partnership opportunities. There will be unexpected and unmissable offers and the advice of the horoscope is to accept them without fear. For many of you, a period of change will begin and it will continue for most of 2023, especially regarding your career and finances. Love will be positive, especially towards the end of the month. This will be a particularly carefree month, full of opportunities for fun with your loved one. Those of you coming from a painful separation will finally feel ready to embrace the future and open up to love again.

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